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  • American Academy of Family Physicians Online Resources
    5 star rating This well-developed, searchable web project, sponsored by the world's largest Family Physician organization, offers extensive free clinical information: quick reference documents, surveys, online CME, the American Family Physician - its peer-reviewed journal, practice pearls, and Family Practice Management- a practice management journal. It also offers membership information, meeting updates, family practice news, coverage of government affairs, and a career opportunity service. American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Medscape
    5 star rating REG A collection of full text, specialty-categorized, peer-reviewed journal articles, CME modules, and clinical news updates. The site offers integrated searches of Medline, a drug database, and patient education materials. Free registration. Medscape.
  • Magazine Archives of the Medical Economics Company
    4 star rating REG A clinical journal metasite, that offers search access to full text articles from a large collection of multispecialty journals. Free registration.
    4 star rating Offers a medical site search engine, a clinical image database, a patient education center, an employment service, and radiographs. Triple Star Systems, Inc.
  • UpToDate Online
    4 star rating REG Thousands of original topic reviews written by a recognized faculty of experts who address specific clinical issues and provide detailed recommendations. Offers sample topic reviews. Fee registration. Subscription fee. Free trial.
  • Health and Medicine Web Directory
    2 star rating A large set of linked web documents for consumers and health professionals.
  • Healthweb
    2 star rating An annotated directory of weblinks to health-related Internet resources. HealthWeb is a collaborative project of health sciences libraries in the Midwest. The Greater Midwest Region of the National Network Libraries of Medicine.
  • Internet Search at Health On the Net
    2 star rating HON provides an annotated directory of health information sites and keyword search engine access to web-based health and medical content. HON is presented online by staff from the University Hospital of Geneva and the Swiss Bioinformatics Institute.
  • Karolinska Internet Diseases Resources Directory
    2 star rating A directory of weblinks to worldwide Internet disease documents selected by medical librarians for the edification of laypersons and healthcare professionals. Karolinska Institute Library of Sweden.
  • OMNI - Organizing Medical Networked Information
    2 star rating A searchable directory of Internet sites, maintained by a UK medical librarian team, to facilitate access to global networked clinical, research, and healthcare management knowledge.
  • WebMD
    2 star rating REG A high profile metasite that offers an array of patient education materials, clinical references, and fee subscription practice tools for physicians. WebMD includes daily medical news, health articles, consumer health encyclopedias, clinical textbooks, insurance eligibility inquiries, lab test reporting, and CME opportunities. Restricted registration or content areas.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Clinical Focus Modules at Thomson
    4 star rating A website with articles on various medical topics including thrombosis-related diseases. Includes the latest abstracts, analysis, reviews, consensus statements, and clinical tools. Thomson American Health Consultants, Inc.
  • Global Family Doctor
    4 star rating A web project which offers abstracts of current medical literature, article summaries, clinical news updates, clinical reviews, and a conference calendar. The effort is sponsored by WONCA, World Organisation of Family Doctors, an international organization that supports academic aspects of general and family practice.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • Atmedica Intelligent Medical Reference
    5 star rating REG An Asia-oriented medical portal that offers drug monographs, disease reviews, diagnosis and treatment strategies, feature articles, and news updates. Atmedica offers a directory of medical equipment, diagnostic tests, and supplies. Atmedica is based in Singapore. Free registration.
  • Clinical Cases and Images at
    5 star rating A case-gased curriculum of clinical medicine: clinical cases by organ system, physical examination videos, imaging education on EKGs, CXRs, and CT scans, procedure skills, and ACLS Refresher coursework.
  • Doctor's Guide to the Internet
    5 star rating Physician-oriented web documents and resources including medical news, new drugs alerts, and a medical conferences resource center. PSL Consulting Group, Inc.
  • India's Medical Portal
    5 star rating A platform for "free and healthy interaction for doctors of all specialities of medicine". Includes cyber lectures, an image library, and conferences in every speciality. Includes lectures, online journals, images, and case discussions.
  • National Electronic Library for Health of the NHS
    5 star rating Peer reviewed clinical guidelines, specialty referral directions, searchable databases, journal articles, and reviews sponsored by the United Kingdom's National Health Service. NELH content represents systematically prepared reviews of the medical literature. Principal sources include the Cochrane Library. Supported by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust, and the Wirral Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • The Doctors Lounge
    5 star rating Over 1,800 pages of up to date medical information multimedia tutorials, public discussion boards, continued medical education, Medical mnemonics, study reviews, tutorials, aand medical faqs. Tamer Fouad, President, Editor in Chief.
  • Altruis Biomedical Network
    4 star rating A collection of informational websites with reviews of disorders topics in biomedical research .
  • Medem
    4 star rating REG A large medical library which contains more than 3,600 peer reviewed articles, fact sheets, and disease reviews from 21 of the nation's leading medical societies and the National Institutes of Health. Free registration. American Medical Association.
  • Reuters Medical Professional Information Services
    4 star rating REG A comprehensive news service for medical professionals that covers the most important news in health and medicine each business day. Presents medical news, clinical challenges that test diagnostic skills, a drug database, and medical professional classifieds. Searchable archives. Restricted registration or content areas. Fee transactions. Free trial. Reuters.
  • The Virtual Hospital
    4 star rating An extensive medical multimedia database that includes patient simulation case studies and teaching modules with video and audio clips, and high-resolution images. Searchable. The University of Iowa.
  • Clinical Information Access Program (Australia)
    3 star rating REG A comprehensive portal for Australia clinicians that aggregates search and browse access to commercial and public resources for point of care application. Australian clinician subscription. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Diseases Database at Moose, Ltd.
    3 star rating An index of disease terms hyperlinked to related topics, causes, features, risk factors, associations, etc. These lists and links are edited by Malcolm H Duncan for Medical Object Oriented Software Enterprises, Ltd.
  • from Facts and Comparisons
    3 star rating Disease management information that includes medical headlines, CE, professional discussion boards, trade show information, monographs on 4,500 generic and trade name drugs, and patient education documents. Presented online by Facts and Comparisons, a division of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.
  • Electronic Doctor of South Africa
    3 star rating Resources and medical information sheets on medical topics.
  • Saudi Medical Site
    3 star rating REG A portal for Saudi Arabian medical practitioners that includes 100s of downloadable, specialty-categorized medical school lectures. The site's Interactive forums present clinical topics, medical news, conference updates, quizzes, old exams, lectures, tutorials, and cases of the Week. Free registration. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Doctors' Net Access
    2 star rating A service which provides free Internet access to physicians and includes CME, patient materials, on-line texts, news, etc.
  • Fleshandbones Medical Education Gateway
    2 star rating Sample chapters from some of the world's leading medical textbooks, free watermarked digital photographs, multiple-choice questions for self-testing, survival guides to clinical rotations, etc. Elsevier, a member of the Reed Elsevier Group.
  • Clineanswers
    1 star rating Fee-based access to a medical literature database that provides physicians with point-of-care, evidenced based, patient management advice. Subscription fee. Wolters Kluwer .
  • MedExact's Disease and Drug Database
    1 star rating REG Therapeutic recommendations for specific diseases, drug fact sheets, and news. Offers information from Ferri's 2001 Clinical Advisor, Reuters, and Multum. Free registration.
  • Medicine On Line Medical Information Service
    1 star rating A sponsored service which provides in-depth cancer information, an oncology dosage calculation software program, news items, and succinct reports on key presentations made by leading investigators at recent major medical meetings. Updated 1998. UltiTech, Inc. .
  • Micromedex Professional Content
    1 star rating REG Fee-subscription databases that provide concise documents and topic reviews for healthcare professionals. Fee registration. Subscription fee.
  • Physician's Guide to the Internet Physician Links
    1 star rating Includes physician lifestyle, professional opportunities, personal finance, physician health and well-being, family life, and clinical practice issues.
  • Worldbook Medical Encyclopedia
    1 star rating Keyword links to distributed web resources and web based medical publications. The resources are captured by Indraweb's innovative search engine technology. IndraWeb Ltd.


Educational Materials

  • Disease Internet Resources from Cipladoc
    4 star rating Disease reviews, practice guidelines, news updates, and disease center ezines posted to the Internet to support clinicians of India in their managment of conditions associated with Cipla pharmaceutical products. Cipra is a drug manufacturer with factories across India.
  • Health Sciences Digital Library of Alabama
    1 star rating A directory of disease weblinks to proprietary and public resources: Harrisons Medicine, American Heart Association, MDConsult, etc. Includes guidelines, diagnostic procedures, etc. on various clinical topics. Presented by the Health Sciences Library of the University of Alabama.
  • Medlinks from Spears
    1 star rating A directory of weblinks on various disease topics. The document links are retrieved using an automatic spidering of the Internet and are of variable quality. Maintained as a public service of Spears & MacLeod Pharmacy Ltd.

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