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Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MDAssociate Dean and Medical Director of Clinical Informatics
Associate Professor of Radiology and Health Services Research
Medical College of Wisconsin
CHORUS - MCW HealthLink -
Rob Posteraro, MDRadiologist
Diagnostic Radiology Associates
Lubbock, TX


  • Medline Free Full Text Journals Search - "Radiology"
    5 star rating Free, full-text, English language, clinically-focused journal articles indexed in Medline with "Radiology" as a subject focus.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Archive Search
    3 star rating REG A searchable archive of news, commentary, analysis, clinical reviews, product reports, and humor that cover medical imaging innovations, practice management issues, and economics. Free registration. Miller Freeman, Inc.


  • Radiology News from Doctors Guide
    5 star rating REG Medical and pharmaceutical industry news, product announcements and research developments from conferences, journals, and newswires. Free registration. PSL Consulting Group, Inc.
    5 star rating REG Provides regularly updated links to abstracts and, if available, full text articles recently released at respected online sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine or the Journal of the American Medical Association. Free registration.
  • American College of Radiology News and Bulletin
    4 star rating REG A survey of news and current issues in radiology. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Medical News Today - Radiology / Nuclear Medicine News
    4 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.
  • Science Daily News - Radiology
    4 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Radiology News
    4 star rating News stories emerging on the Internet from online newspapers and magazines.
  • Radiology News from Online Medical News
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks to sites that offer specialty-related news for medical professionals and patients.
  • Radiology Daily Science News Updates from BrightSurf
    2 star rating A directory of news stories and press releases about scientific events and discoveries. Includes annotated links for additional background material. Updated daily.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Medscape Radiology
    5 star rating REG A regularly updated collection of Medscape's key clinical content including news, conference summaries, articles, treatment updates, clinical management modules, Medline and Cochrane abstracts, practice guidelines, CME and links to professional organizations. Free registration. WebMD Medscape Health Network.
  • "MRI" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures from medical schools, medical societies, etc. collected by the Google search service.
  • "Radiology" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures that discuss the use of journal impact factors in quantitatively assessing the importance of medical journals based upon the frequency that their articles are cited. collected by the Google search service.
  • Belgian Journal of Radiology Case Reports
    5 star rating Interesting full text radiologic case reports with high resolution images from the publication "Radiological Documents"l. Belgian Radiological Society.
  • CT is Us
    5 star rating Medical imaging teaching files and modules with a focus on spiral CT and 3D imaging. Created and maintained by The Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.
  • Learning
    5 star rating An award-winning, non-commercial site aimed primarily at medical students and radiology residents-in-training, containing lectures, handouts, images, Cases of the Week, archives of case quizzes, flashcards of differential diagnoses and ]most commons^ lists, primarily in the areas of chest, GI, cardiac, and bone radiology.
  • Radiology for Medical Students at Wake Forest
    5 star rating Powerpoint slides, text, and images teach students radiologic anatomy, pathophysiologic correlations, and clinical core topics. Wake Forest University School of Medicine sponsored by the Radiological Society of North America Research and Education Fund.
  • Symposium on Radiology from Postgraduate Medicine
    5 star rating A collection of articles, published in June 2001, on primary care radiology topics. Postgraduate Medicine, McGraw/Hill.
  • The Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
    5 star rating Information on rational therapeutics for health professionals prescribing medications. Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Xray2000 X-ray Educational Materials
    5 star rating An index of radiographic pathologic disease processes, an index of notes for radiogry technologists, an image database, tutorial notes, a review of x-ray technique, monographs on contrast materials and drugs.
  • "Compare" Radiology Learning Modules
    4 star rating Offers annotated descriptions of normal and pathologic anatomy for novice and advanced students. Covers plain film radiography, computeromography, angiography, urography, hysterosalpingography, etc. University of Erlangen-Nurenberg Germany .
  • American Journal of Neuroradiology
    4 star rating An archive of free full text journal articles. Change the year in the search window for alternate years.
  • Anatomy Modules at Washington
    4 star rating An overview of radiologic anatomy with descriptive text and labeled images. . Radiology Department of the University of Washington .
  • ELERA Radiological Eduxation
    4 star rating A freely accessible web-based program that presents radiological cases and questions and enables you to assess and train your expertise in radiology. University of Erlangen.
  • Flash Card Exchange - Radiology
    4 star rating Reviews of clinical topics with "clickable" questions and answers. The "flashcards" are posted by worldwide medical students as study tools.
  • Introduction to Radiology at MSU
    4 star rating A slide show with annotated images directed to medical students. Covers diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, diagnostic ultrasound, and MRIs. Michigan State University.
  • Introduction to Radiology at the Virtual Hospital
    4 star rating Modules, directed to sophomore medical students, that use images and text, to introduce radiology of the chest, nuclear, skeleton. and abdomen. Images are labeled and accompanied by captions. Virtual Hospital at the University of Iowa .
  • Radiology
    4 star rating Free full text journal articles made available by the publisher. Change the year in the search window for alternate years.
  • RadiologyWeb
    4 star rating REG A web project that offers case studies, articles about cutting edge research, annotated images, and conference updates for medical imaging professionals. Free registration. Mediaworks and Phillips, Inc. .
  • Scottish Radiological Society MCQs Practice Exams
    4 star rating Radiology tests that mark themselves to provide immediate feedback. The site also allows users to compare their scores with previous visitors.
  • Decisions in Imaging Economics
    3 star rating A bi-monthly, high-level forum that addresses the development, diffusion, acquisition, and utilization of imaging technology. It helps radiologists, radiology administrators, and health care executives meet the increasingly complex economic challenges of providing quality imaging in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Journal of Radiology
    3 star rating Free full text of this peer-reviewed journal that provides global imaging professionals access to the latest information and techniques. Journal of Radiology, LLC.
  • Medical Imaging
    3 star rating A leading monthly news and business magazine for radiology and imaging professionals who are involved in selecting, managing, and supporting technology that is used in the medical-imaging department of a healthcare provider facility.
  • Medslides Radiology Powerpoint Slideshows
    3 star rating A collection of slideshows authored by medical faculty and clinicians.
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    2 star rating REG Monthly news, commentary, analysis, clinical reviews, product reports, and humor that cover medical imaging clinical and technical innovations, practice management issues, and economics. Free registration. Miller Freeman, Inc.
  • Imaging of Muscle Injuries at Iowa
    2 star rating Reviews the basic structure and physiology of muscle as well as the imaging characteristics of muscle injuries as seen on plain radiography and MRI. Virtual Hospital/University of Iowa.
  • Radiology Board Review Notes at Creighton
    2 star rating Expert notes by Musculoskeletal, Chest, etc. Creighton Medical Center.
  • Applied Radiology
    1 star rating REG Articles cover practical clinical imaging techniques, practice management, and new medical imaging procedures. Free registration. Anderson Publish and Medscape.
  • Endoscopic Ultrasonography Homepage
    1 star rating Provides literature reviews, guidelines, multicenter studies updates, case reports, and picture galleries. European, French and German EUS-Clubs.
  • Joint Fluoroscopy at Iowa
    1 star rating A multimedia textbook and teaching module on joint fluoroscopy anatomy. Virtual Hospital/University of Iowa.
  • Radiologic Anatomy
    1 star rating Tutorials and self-evaluation in human anatomy by identifying structures from X-ray films.



  • Emedicine Radiology Online Textbook
    5 star rating A carefully edited and constantly updated online multimedia textbook that offers disease synopses, images, pathophysiology, clinical findings, symptoms, and differential diagnosis. Emedicine, Inc., Inc.
  • Medcyclopaedia - Medicine and Medical Imaging Encyclopedia
    5 star rating Medical professional-level topic reviews for more than 18,000 diseases and conditions. This work has a focus on medical imaging considerations and contains more than 10,000 images and media clips. It includes the complete on-line edition of the "Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging" and "A Global Textbook of Radiology". For the registered medical professionals, all images come in higher resolution - i.e. diagnostic top quality. General Electric Healthcare.
  • Medcyclopaedia Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging
    5 star rating An online textbook with descriptions of 8,300 images and coverage of imaging physics, techniques, procedures, and anatomy. Amersham Health.
  • Medical Housestaff Manual at Beth Israel - Radiology
    5 star rating A section from a succinct and useful reference, updated for the year 2000, for major radiology clinical problems encountered in the hospital. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • Radiology - Family Practice Notebook
    5 star rating A section from an ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice. Family Practice Notebook, LLC.
  • Radiology MedPix at USUHS
    5 star rating Radiology images, text notes, factoids, and clinical correlations. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences .
  • Canadian Medical Examination (MCCQE) 2000 Review Notes- Diagnostic Imaging
    4 star rating These review notes are an up-to-date, concise and comprehensive review of medical specialty clinical knowledge. The text prepares graduating medical students for certification examination.
  • CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
    4 star rating A textbook-style reference which provides brief disease descriptions, integrated hyperlinked keywords, radiologic findings, differential diagnosis lists, and pertinent anatomy, pathology and physiology. Updated August, 2000. Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Medcyclopaedia Medical Imaging Book
    4 star rating Text and images from The Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging's eight volumes: Physics, Techniques and Procedures, Normal Anatomy, Musculoskeletal and Soft Tissue Imaging, Gastrointestinal and Urogenital Imaging, Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging, Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Imaging, and Paediatric Imaging. Short explanations of 17,500 medical topics with 8,500 images. Amersham Health.
  • Thoracic Radiology Textbook
    4 star rating A review of pulmonary and cardiac radiology that includes cases and images. Scott C. Williams, M.D. and
  • Differential Diagnosis in Musculoskeletal Imaging
    3 star rating An online textbook of radiology. Michael L. Richardson M.D. University of Washington Department of Radiology.
  • Radiology Board Review Notes
    2 star rating A comprehensive series of notes and high quality teaching files that outline the essential elements of radiology. Creighton University Medical Center.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • American College of Radiology
    5 star rating ACR, with more than 30,000 members, is the principal organization of radiologists, radiation oncologists and clinical medical physicists in the United States. The College is a nonprofit professional society whose primary purposes are to advance the science of radiology, improve service to the patient, study the socioeconomic aspects of the practice of radiology, and encourage continuing education for radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and persons practicing in allied professional fields.
  • Radiological Society of North America
    4 star rating Promotes and develops the highest standards of radiology and related sciences through education and research.
  • Society of Interventional Radiology
    4 star rating A professional society for physicians who specialize in interventional or minimally invasive procedures. SCVIR is a non-profit, national scientific organization committed to improving the practice of cardiovascular and interventional radiology with education, research, and communication initiatives and leadership in the development of health care policy.
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
    3 star rating Founded in 1900, ARRS is the first and oldest radiology society in the United States. The website offers news, membership information, case studies, employment opportunities, scholarships, an academic journal, and a calendar of events.
    3 star rating REG A community Internet site for radiologists and related professionals. Offers medical imaging news, reports from conferences, interactive board review questions, teaching files, case studies, online radiology textbooks, federal regulations reports, and clinical guidelines., Inc. Free registration.
  • Chest X-Ray Page
    3 star rating A multimedia homepage devoted to the art and science of thoracic imaging. Includes CT protocols, a lung cancer review , hyperlinks, and notes regarding anatomy and physiology. Jud W. Gurney, MD.
  • Radiology Information Network
    3 star rating News updates, case presentations, online CME, protocols, and clinical commentaries. Radiology InfoNet, Inc.
  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists
    2 star rating the world's largest radiologic science organization. Members include 112,000 radiologic technologists throughout the United States and overseas. The ASRT provides its members with educational opportunities, promotes radiologic technology as a career and monitors state and federal legislation that affects the profession.
  • Imaging Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Radiology Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Association of University Radiologists Home Page
    1 star rating Contains meeting, membership, and employment information for medical students and university radiologists.
  • Society for Pediatric Radiology Online
    1 star rating News items, a meeting calendar, online posters, and job listings directed to pediatric radiologists and medical students. Society for Pediatric Radiology.
  • Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound
    1 star rating Information about the society and information for patients about ultrasound examinations, radiologist job and fellowship listings, Internet links, online newsletters, annual meeting description, and additional information for members. Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound.


  • PET Scan CME at Thompson
    5 star rating Free image-enhanced text online CME coursework on PET applications for the medical community. Thompson Cancer Survivial Center.
  • Emergency Body CT
    4 star rating A tutorial for residents and medical students that introduces Body CT for those patients referred from the Emergency Department. Interactive pages present cross sectional anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis .
  • Medical News Today - MRI / PET / Ultrasound News
    4 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.
  • American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
    1 star rating News, official statements and reports, legislative updates, and membership information from this national medical specialty society. American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.
  • Basics of MRI
    1 star rating A multimedia hyperlinked textbook that covers imaging mathematics, spectroscopy imaging principles, hardware, etc. Also available in Japanese and Russian. J.P. Hornak, Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
    1 star rating A newsletter, membership information, and journals.
  • Let's Play PET
    1 star rating A PET tutorial and cases. UCLA.
  • Magnetic Resonance Information Server
    1 star rating Links to MRI related news archives, facilities, gallery, journals, and meetings. University of Florida .
  • MRI Tutor at Florida
    1 star rating Educational resources related to MRI, including a physics tutorial, teaching files and reviews of recent publications. Ray Ballinger, University of Florida.
  • Ultrasound Interesting Cases at UCSF
    1 star rating Covers artifacts, pitfalls & variants of interesting cases for obstetrics, gynecology, and renal pediatrics. University of California, San Francisco.
  • UNC Ultrasound Radiology Teaching File
    1 star rating Case list of different pathologies with history, images, and discussion. University of North Carolina Department of Radiology.


  • Ultrasound Clinical Handbook
    5 star rating An educational aid for experienced practitioners with documents on all facets of ultrasound imaging compiled to assist ultrasound professionals obtain relevant information quickly and efficiently. Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine.

Practice Guidelines / FAQs


Images, Path./Clinical

Images, X-Ray


  • Case-in-Point X-Ray CME from ACR
    5 star rating REG In-depth questions and zoom-and-pan images that feature challenging cases directly from many of the country\s most respected institutions. American College of Radiology. Fee registration. Free trial.
  • CMEList Online CME Sites - Radiology/Imaging
    5 star rating A searchable, well-annotated, and constantly-updated directory of web links to online CME opportunities. The directory entries include credit hours, sponsors, cost, lecture format, target audience, and accrediting organization. Bernard Sklar, MD, MS.
  • CME
    5 star rating Articles and post-tests on radiology topics.
  • PET Scan CME at IAME
    5 star rating Free image-enhanced reviews on the uses of Positron Emission Tomography scanning in various medical conditions. Institute for Advanced Medical Education.
  • CME
    5 star rating Accredited education adapted for the web by Radiology InfoNet. Ithaca Center for Post Graduate Medical Education.
  • Radiological Society of North America CME
    5 star rating REG Online refresher courses, modules from plenary and focus sessions, education exhibits, and cases of the day. Peer-reviewed radiologic materials with interactive tests for category 1 CME credit. Free registration.
  • University of California San Francisco Radiology CME
    5 star rating Case presentations with histories and images. Accredited by the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.
  • Education Portal of the Radiological Society of North America
    4 star rating Peer-reviewed educational materials developed from refresher courses and sessions at RSNA annual meetings: programs with interactive tests, image interpretation sessions, and Virtual monographs.
  • Institute for Advanced Medical Education Online CME
    4 star rating CME courses in obstetric ultrasound technique and medical imaging. Fee for credit.
  • E Learning - Medicine and Medical Imaging
    3 star rating Interactive lessons in medical imaging and basic knowledge in the field of medicine. Tests image-reading skills and teaches normal imaging anatomy. For the registered medical professionals, all images come in higher resolution - i.e. diagnostic top quality. General Electric Healthcare.
  • Radiology Learning Center at San Francisco
    2 star rating REG A series of disease-specific videotapes, CD-ROM's and CME instructing the user on how different techniques contribute to the diagnosis of specific pathologies. Includes introductory-level cases, ultrasound cases, and neuroradiology cases. Fee registration. Fee access to archives.
  • Siemens Medical Academy CME
    2 star rating Articles, images, and cases in radiology and cardiology ultrasound. Completion of a post-test provides a printable certificate. No fees apply. Acuson.
  • Continuing Medical Education Courses at RSNA
    1 star rating Lists accredited and nonaccredited courses, symposia, conferences, workshops. Radiologic Society of North America.
  • Ultrasound CME Credits from GE
    1 star rating Provides on-line ultrasound CME Credits for sonographers GE Medical Systems Ultrasound.

Patient Education

  • Radiology Info
    3 star rating Current and accurate information about radiologic procedures. Learn how to prepare for exams, how exams are performed, what patients might experience, benefits vs. risks and more. Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) .
  • RadiologyChannel
    3 star rating Live chats, MD locator, information on various diagnostic procedures and news.
  • Radiology Procedures
    1 star rating Information pages and patient handouts. Jeffrey Dach, M.D. .
  • Radiology Tests and Treatments
    1 star rating Patient oriented briefs to educate regarding upcoming procedures. Mid-South Imaging & Therapeutics, P.A.


  • Xray2000 Online radiology Learning Resources
    4 star rating A directory of weblinks to online radiology learning resources: annotated x-rays, case presentations, tutorial notes, techniques, briefs on contrast materials and drugs, and articles.
  • MedWeb Radiology and Imaging
    1 star rating Well-maintained links to guides, sites, journals, organizations, and documents for a general audience. Emory University.

Educational Materials

Abdomen    Brain    Breast Cancer    Chest    Gastrointestinal System    Genitourinary System    Head    Head and Neck    Musculoskeletal System    Nervous System    Pediatric Radiology
  • ATS Radiology for Chest Physicians Conference
    5 star rating Case presentations, commentary, diagnostic and pathology imaging, and online tests for CME credit. Maintained at the Virtual Hospital of the University of Iowa.
  • Radiology Curriculum at GE Medical Systems
    5 star rating A blended curriculum that is a combination of traditional and eLearning formats including online clinical cases and tutorials, am image gallery, user reports, online CE/CME, on-site training courses and TV broadcasts.
  • RadWeb Medical Education at New Jersey
    4 star rating Case presentations that focus on diagnosis based on radiological findings. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


  • Abdominal Imaging
    2 star rating REG Original papers, case reports, and reviews that cover the clinical radiology of abdominal disorders, including the alimentary tract and the genitourinary system. Abstracts. Fee registration for full-text in PDF format. Fee registration for full text. Subscription fee. Free abstracts. Springer-Verlag.


  • A Study Tour of the Human Brain
    3 star rating MRI sections with annotations and an interactive quiz from the "The Whole Brain Atlas" and hosted online by the Hanover College Psychology Department
  • Atlas of Brain Perfusion SPECT
    3 star rating History, images, findings, and tutorials. Brigham & Women's Hospital Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School.
  • Skull and Brain Radiology at Southbank
    3 star rating Cases, topical summaries, and annotated, ACR coded, teaching diagnostic images at London Southbank University.
  • Global Brainstem Project
    1 star rating Cross-sectional images that can be cross referenced with text summaries. Last update 1997. John K. Harting, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Medical School.

Breast Cancer


Gastrointestinal System

Genitourinary System


  • CT in Head Trauma
    5 star rating An online module with examples of the appearance of common CT abnormalities seen after trauma to the head. Revised May 2001.
  • Tutorial: CT in Head Trauma
    1 star rating Multimedia teaching module with images annotated with descriptive text. Last update 1996. Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals .

Head and Neck

Musculoskeletal System

Nervous System

Pediatric Radiology


  • RSNA Link
    1 star rating Posts of radiology related positions available. Radiological Society of North America.


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