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Internet Medicine

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  • Open Access Now
    5 star rating A newsletter which discusses how to achieve the goal of providing open access to the biomedicalscientific literature. Published by BioMed Central.
  • iHealthBeat
    4 star rating REG A free, daily online news service that provides health care professionals and decisionmakers with timely information about the Internet\s impact on health care. Published daily for California HealthCare Foundation by The Advisory Board Company. Free registration.
  • DocNotes
    3 star rating A physician's periodic posts of personal notes regarding new medicine and medical education internet resources.
  • Health Information on the Internet
    3 star rating REG A full text, bimonthly newsletter that offers recommendations for clinicians on how to use the Internet more effectively, announcements of new health-related Web sites, and detailed reviews of useful sites. Archived. PDF file format. Fee registration. Subscription fee. Royal Society of Medicine in association with the Wellcome Trust .
  • eHealthcareWeek
    1 star rating A source of weekly updates with market intelligence, for CEOs, CIOs, marketers and business development professionals, regarding the transformation of healthcare onto the Internet. Subscription fee. Free trial.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Net Focus
    4 star rating News, information, and articles on the Internet and its utility for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries worldwide.
  • CyberAtlas Health
    3 star rating Reports on marketing healthcare products or services in the Internet industry. Includes information on market size, growth, and forecasts.
  • Clinical Use of E-mail
    1 star rating A collection of links and original articles regarding the use of Electronic mail in patient care. Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH.



  • The eHealth Landscape
    1 star rating An online treatise on emerging information and technologies in Healthcare that covers the major eHealth stakeholders, an overview of major issues, Internet-related trends, and key questions. Authored by Thomas R. Eng of EvaluMetrix, LLC. and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • The eHealth Initiative
    4 star rating A not-for-profit organization that provides a voice for the health care industry on eHealth and technology-related issues and promotes the rapid discovery, development, roll-out, and adoption of eHealth.

Educational Materials

  • Electronic Publishing: How, What and Why?
    3 star rating A directory of websites that address electronic publicaztion issues. Presented by the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing which is owned by Kent State University College of Nursing and published in partnership with the American Nurses Association's NursingWorld.


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