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  • Medical Supplies
    4 star rating REG A catalog of medical supplies and equipment which allows users to order online and receive goods by United Parcel Service. Restricted registration or content areas. Moore Medical Corporation.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Online Drug Product Monographs
    4 star rating Drug descriptions, from an online pharmacy, that offers indications, dosage, side effects, drug product prices, warnings, precautions, and other clinical information.


  • Universal Credentialing DataSource
    4 star rating A free Web-based credentialing service that allows physicians to submit their credentials in one application to meet credentialing requirements of participating health plans.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • Neoforma Healthcare Manufacturers and Vendors
    3 star rating A large, searchable, well-categorized directory of medical product items linked to the companies that provide them. Inquiries sent through its messaging system are directed to the companies' customer support personnel who answer questions related to products. Neoforma, Inc. .
  • Universal Credentialing DataSource by CAQH
    3 star rating Allows physicians and other providers to submit one credentialing application to satisfy the requirements of all participating health plans and networks.
  • Med Advantage Credentialing Service
    2 star rating An online credentialing service that offers real-time queries to evaluate physicians' applications and obtain verified information including medical school, post graduate education, and board certification. MedAdvantage.
  • from HCPro
    1 star rating A healthcare credentialing "supersite" that presents articles, policies, procedures, and forms. HCPro Company .
    1 star rating Ratings of doctors and hospitals, notes regarding improving health care quality and best practices, and a quality review service. A "Quality Benefits Management company ". David Shulkin, MD .


  • Destination Rx
    1 star rating REG Online access to price comparisons for prescription drugs and health products. Free registration.


Educational Materials

  • Logician from Medicalogic
    3 star rating REG An Internet-based electronic medical records program that integrates appointments, encounter notes, lab results, patient chart summaries, transcription notes, and medication lists. Free registration. Free trial. MedicaLogic .
  • MedicAlert National Repository for Advance Directives
    3 star rating A safe and confidential website that makes users' advance directives available 24 hours a day. Annual fee. MedicAlert Foundation International .


  • SciQuest's Solutions and Services
    5 star rating A directory of links to clinical supply items from various online medical supply houses that offer their inventory for sale over the internet. Offers links to web pages for bandages, blades, clips, dilators etc.
  • Classified Advertising for AMA Journals
    4 star rating A search interface for classified ads and physician employment opportunitues from the American Medical News and the Archives of the American Medical Association collection of journals. These classifieds ads provide complete employer contact information.
  • Classifieds Ads Database at Lippincott
    4 star rating A major global medical publisher offers search access to classified ads and job opportunities collected from its various journals. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Pharmacy
    4 star rating A searchable library of Walgreens prescription and non-prescription drug and product information: price quotes, common uses, side effects, and visual representations of drugs. Walgreen Co. .
  • Prescription Drugs
    3 star rating is a division of the country's largest drug chain. Its online prescription ordering service allows pick up at any of CVS's 4,100 locations. CVS Pharmacy .
    3 star rating Users can pick up prescription products, ordered throught the online interface, at any of Rite Aid's 3,800 locations. Includes products covered under Rite Aid's PCS Health Systems insurance plans., Inc. .
  • eGeneral Medical, Inc.
    3 star rating Provides discounted medical equipment, instruments, and supplies. eGeneral Medical, Inc.
  • George Tiemann & Co. Surgical Instruments
    3 star rating A searchable catalog of surgical instruments and supplies from this based company of Hauppauge, NY.
  • Medibix Medical Components and Parts
    3 star rating A medical parts reference guide for biomedical & clinical engineers and database of parts and components for medical and laboratory instruments. Over 250,000 searchable items. gelmangroup, LLC.
  • Medical EquipNet from Premier Medical Equipment eMarketplace
    3 star rating International advertising service for buyers and sellers of medical equipment and related services. Online advertising database, online auction, banner advertisements, web site promotional links, and Medical Dealer Database on diskette. SoluMed Sales Inc.
  • MedPlanet Medical Equipment Sales
    3 star rating REG Extensive listings of products wanted and for sale. Serves as an interactive forum for direct contact between sellers and buyers by electronic mail. Restricted registration or content areas. MQCI .
  • PillBot Drug Index
    3 star rating A service that lists drug prices at various online pharmacies. Including medications for pets. Price quotes available.
  • Rx Universe
    3 star rating Offers a searchable database of prescription drugs at "deeply discounted prices". Businessoft Corp / RxUniverse.Com, Inc.
  • Sklar Surgical Instruments
    3 star rating A product catalog of "Arthroscopy Instruments", "Care & Cleaning", "Dental Instruments", "Diagnostic Instruments", etc.
    2 star rating A web-based store that offers medical books, medical software, and medical supplies for sale. Fee transactions., Inc. .
  • MedCatalog.Com
    2 star rating Medical products, medical supply and medical information catalog request service. Catalogs are free.
  • AARP Pharmacy Services Online
    1 star rating Prescription products and information for senior citizens.
    1 star rating A browsable directory of products for healthcare professionals. Includes discounted scrubs, medical texts, stethoscopes, shoes, and medical supplies. Professional Appearances, Inc.
  • Drug Index
    1 star rating An index of prices for prescription drugs. Costco Companies, Inc. .
    1 star rating A directory of discounted medical products., Inc .
    1 star rating Users find low prices online for prescriptions, medical supplies, and beauty products. Brainrush, Inc.
  • Digital Insurance
    1 star rating Health insurance instant quotes, personal policy purchase advise, browsable health plans descriptions, and data on plan specific doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Current plans are in a limited number of East coast states. Also includes a directory of drugs available free due to hardship. Digital Insurance, Inc .
    1 star rating A browsable directory, from a regional pharmacy, for thousands of prescription medications. Offers prices and an online ordering interface., inc. .
    1 star rating Allows users to compare health insurance plans and companies, access instant price quotes, and complete applications online. Sash Communications .
    1 star rating A browsable directory of healthcare products, with a shopping cart and checkout utility for registered users, that offers prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Arrow Corporation .
  • Fine Science Tools Products
    1 star rating Surgical and microsurgical instruments for the scientific and biomedical research community. Fine Science Tools Inc.
  • Login Brothers Medical Bookstore
    1 star rating REG Offers online ordering for titles in medicine and the health sciences. Also offers WebSpins which is a free service that provides you with updated information on new and important books and software in your specialty areas of interest. Free registration. Login Brothers Book Company .
  • Medical Supplies
    1 star rating Offers online purchase from an inventory of thousands of the most commonly used medical products.
    1 star rating REG A large searchable catalog of physician office supplies, equipment, and services. Free registration. Health Care / medibuy, Inc. .
    1 star rating A "one stop location" for medical supplies that offers competitive prices and free shipping on orders over $25. ADCO Surgical Supply, Inc. .
  • MediProducts Used Medical Equipment and Product Exchange
    1 star rating REG An online auction for surplus and used medical equipment, medical products for doctors, hospitals, medical distributors, and manufacturers. Restricted registration or content areas., Inc.
  • Medline Health Care Supply Catalog
    1 star rating A browsable online catalogue of health care supplies and clothing. Medline Industries Inc.
  • National Association of Residents and Interns
    1 star rating REG Unsecured loans programs are made available to medical students, residents, intern and in-practice physicians. Their goal is to provide medical, dental and osteopathic students, interns, residents and fellows with information, economic benefits and financial services that enhance their&#A0; professional careers and personal lives. Free registration. National Association of Residents and Interns.
  • Perfectra Surgical Instruments (Pakistan)
    1 star rating A catalog of dental, gynecological, veterinary and surgical instruments from this Pakistani company. Perfectra Instruments .
  • Pocketnurse Medical Supplies
    1 star rating A catalog of medical instruments and supplies. Pocket Nurse Enterprises .
  • U.S. Medical Supply
    1 star rating Catalog of health care supplies including electronic lift chairs, wheelchairs, etc. U.S. Medical Supplies Inc. .
  • University of Cincinatti - Medical Bookstore
    1 star rating Users buy textbooks with secured transactions. Selections are delivered usually within three business days. Catalog contains over 24,000 entries.
    1 star rating A browsable directory of prescription products and prices. Offers online ordering and a delivery service.

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