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  • Medline Systematic Reviews of Clinical Topics
    5 star rating Citations for systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, and guidelines.
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse
    5 star rating Structured summaries of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines from esteemed medical professional organizations. Users can compare guideline target populations, review methods, and quality of evidence. Links to full text. The resource is maintained by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and supported by the American Medical Association and others.
  • The Research Findings Electronic Register from Dept. of Health (U.K.)
    5 star rating "ReFeR" is a freely available database, providing 'prompt sight' of quality assured information on research findings that emerge from completed projects funded by the UK's Department of Health including the NHS Executive.
  • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (U.K.)
    4 star rating "DARE" is a searchable collection of systematic reviews of the medical literature that offers scientifically-based knowledge for evidence based care. NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.
  • Online Medical Calculators
    4 star rating Online medical calculators categorized by specialty.
  • Turning Research Into Practice Database (Wales)
    4 star rating REG "TRIP" is a search interface to documents from a number of remote websites: peer-reviewed journal abstracts, 'evidence-based' disease summaries, and sections from a variety of medical electronic textbooks. The project is hosted by the Centre for Research Support in Wales. Fee registration.
  • National Library for Health (U.K.)
    3 star rating REG Provides search access to evidence-based medicine literature including full text articles from various publications and abstracts from the Cochrane Database of evidence-based clinical reviews. Restricted registration or content areas. UK National Health Service.


  • Effective Health Care Bulletins (U.K.)
    5 star rating A bi-monthly bulletin for UK decision makers which examines the effectiveness of a variety of health care interventions. The bulletins are based on a systematic review and synthesis of research on the clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and acceptability of health service interventions. NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination University of York, York. Also available in Italian.
  • Informed Newsletter from Inst. for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (Canada)
    4 star rating Puts health services information and clinical research together in a concise format for practicing physicians. Selected full-text articles in PDF format. Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Canada (ICES).
  • News from Cochrane Studies
    4 star rating A collection of articles that report on new knowledge developed from disciplined examination of clinical practice research studies. Authored by the Cochrane Collaboration and presented online by the National electronic Library for Health.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • SMARTIE Online Decision Tools
    5 star rating "Smart Applications Repository of Tools for Informed Expert decision" is a collection of a multi-platform medical decision support software. Online calculators range from the simplest score (e.g. Glasgow Coma Scale) to the most elaborate decision support tool for the management of more complex clinical situations (e.g. Acute Abdominal Pain).
  • Attract Literature Search Summaries from UK Gwent Health Authority
    5 star rating Text summaries that answer specific clinical questions based on searches of the evidence-based medical literature. These summaries are collected and posted to the Internet as a public service by information specialists in Wales. Sponsored by the UK Gwent Health Authority.
  • Bandolier Evidence-Based Health Care (U.K.)
    5 star rating An English monthly journal that provides synopses of research studies for current medical therapies. The journal uses evidence-based medicine techniques to provide "bullet points" of those things that work and those things that don't for healthcare professionals. Funded by the UK National Health Service .
  • Bandolier Knowledge
    5 star rating Abstracts of systematic reviews of treatments, evidence about diagnosis, epidemiology or health economics.
  • Best Evidence Topic Reports
    5 star rating Answers to very specific clinical problems, using the best available evidence. Each Topic answers a carefully worded 3-part question, using a structured approach to finding and reviewing the literature. BETs are designed specifically for Emergency Medicine. The BET method allows the use of lower quality research, and lists the shortcomings of the evidence used. As with other forms of EBM topic review, each BET has a clinical "bottom line" for the busy physician.
  • Clinical Calculators and Medical E-Tools at NCEMI
    5 star rating More than 50 emergency medicine clinical decision support tools: calculators, scores, scales, and tables. National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics is a multicenter not-for-profit institute .
  • Clinical Evidence
    5 star rating A continually updated international source of the best available evidence on the effects of common clinical interventions. Clinical Evidence summarises the current state of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions, based on thorough searches and appraisal of the literature.
  • Diagnostic and Screening Effectiveness Reports from Bandolier
    5 star rating Reports that systematically examine the value of screening for many different diseases and conditions.
  • DXplain Medical Decision Support System
    5 star rating REG A diagnostic decision support system that provides access to a structured knowledge base of 5,000 clinical manifestations and 2000 disease entities. Restricted registration or content areas. General Hospital Corporation and the Laboratory of Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital. .
  • Emedicine Clinical Calculations and Tools
    5 star rating An index of emergency medicine interactive calculations and diagrams.
  • Evidence Report Topics from AHCPR
    5 star rating Evidence-based information on the utility of healthcare interventions. Reports examine healthcare outcomes; quality; and cost, use, and access. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Evidence-Based On-Call Database
    5 star rating Evidence-based summaries of 38 on-call medical conditions. Every recommendation links via an icon to a short summary of the evidence which in turn link to one-page summaries (called CATs) of every article. The Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine. Supported by th UK's NHS National Electronic Library for Health.
  • Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales
    5 star rating Presents the current evidence, including an examination of randomized clinical trials, that support clinical practice recommendations for common disorders. Some documents now available as PDF files.
  • Healthcare Management and Delivery Essays at Bandolier (U.K.)
    5 star rating A website that brings together stories relevant to managing health services in an effective and cost efficient way. Includes articles about optimizing healthcare in the hospital and in primary care. Bandolier is a print and Internet journal about using evidence-based medicine techniques in health care.
  • NexProfiler Cancer Profiler Treatment Option Tools
    5 star rating REG Disease-specific interactive, evidence-based questionnaires that deliver authoritative, pertinent information for different types of cancer based on personalized patient data. Free registration. NexCura .
  • Physicians Practice Tools and Forms
    5 star rating Well-formatted forms and useful practical tools for clinical practice. Physicians Practice, Inc. .
  • Symptom Sorters at Doctor Online Resources (U.K.)
    5 star rating Succinct descriptions of symptom characteristics, a clinical overview, differential diagnoses, possible investigations, and red flags. These tools supplement a subscription journal directed to United Kingdom general practitioners. Reed Healthcare Publishing.
  • The FPM Toolbox-Practice Tools from Family Practice Management
    5 star rating Online tools and forms to apply in daily clinical practice and to solve problems with interactions with the health care system. Includes notes, forms, samples, surveys, and flow sheets on coding, computerization, disease management, office policy, patient self-care, practice assessment, practice safety, and staffing. American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Best Evidence Topic Reviews at Manchester (U.K.)
    4 star rating "BETs" are rapid evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions. These reviews detail clinical scenarios, medical literature source information, levels of evidence, outcomes, key results, commentary, and the clinical bottom line. These materials were developed in the Emergency Department of Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK.
  • Clineanswers Decision Support System
    4 star rating REG Disease specific, actionable text notes and recommendations on disease management and drug treatment. Uses interactive questions to provide fast, intuitive navigation of decision points in clinical care. Fee registration. Subscription fee. Free trial. Clineguide Division of Wolters Kluwer International Health & Science Group.
  • Consensus Statements from the NIH
    4 star rating A large selection of consensus statements on diseases/conditions and medical/surgical procedures from the National Institutes of Health. Statements available are from 1977 to present.
  • Users' Guide to Evidence-Based Practice
    4 star rating Instructional materials, in support of evidence-based practice, that cover how to integrate primary studies about therapy and diagnosis into clinical practice. This resource is based on articles posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1993 and revised for 2002. Canadian Centres for Health Evidence .
  • Mediquiz from Merck
    3 star rating Professionals participate in online clinical quizzes and receive prize awards. Questions are intended to celebrate innovations in medicine. There is also a Retro Quiz which is an archive of the last 5 yrs of mediquizes. Merck & Co., Inc. .
  • PDxMD Medical Knowledge Base from Elsevier
    3 star rating REG A medical knowledge base that supports primary care physician decision making. PDxMD offers original content from up-to-date evidence and expert resources. Fee registration. Free trial. Physicians Decisions Limited.
  • Core Library for Evidence Based Practice
    2 star rating Links to full text documents on all aspects of Evidence Based Practice. Andrew Booth BA MSc Dip Lib ALA, University of Sheffield.
  • Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management
    2 star rating Peer-reviewed, full text, monthly original research articles, reviews, and commentary which examine the impact of health care on the health of patients and populations and provide information to inform evidence-based practice. Turner White Communications.
  • SUNY Evidence Based Medicine Course
    2 star rating An online tutorial providing a comprehensive overview of Evidence Based Medicine, including information on searching databases, evaluating studies and research methodology. State University of New York.



  • Online Medical Diagnosis
    3 star rating REG A program that generates a diagnosis based on inputted symptoms. Provides treatment options. Fee registration. Subscription fee. The National Medical Society / CCS Publishing.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    3 star rating A U.S. agency that promotes the implementation of practice guidelines and supports research designed to improve the quality of health care, reduce its cost, and broaden access to essential services. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Practice Guidelines / FAQs


  • Evidence-Based Medicine CME
    5 star rating An online CME module which outlines methods that clinicians use to find, evaluate, and apply medical literature to the care of their patients. Medical Education Resources Inc.


Educational Materials

  • Critically Appraised Papers at McMaster U.
    5 star rating Summaries of evidence and conclusions that can drawn from the medical literature regarding various clinical topics. Drs. Robert Hayward and Dr. Brian Haynes of McMaster University for the Centres for Health Evidence.
  • MedCalc 3000 Clinical Calculators
    5 star rating Interactive diagnosis and treatment calculators, checklists, equations, and decision trees. Users input patient-specific clinical variables such as hemoglobin values, symptoms, degree of encephalopathy, etc. Probability of diagnosis, mortality, recovery, etc. are returned. L. Leff, MD .
  • Medical Algorithms Project
    5 star rating Over 3000 clinical computations, formulas, surveys, and look-up tables. A title is "A Clinical Risk Score for Patients Having Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery". Users must have Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet to launch these free programs. Quanta Healthcare Solutions, Inc, John R. Svirbely, M.D. and M.G.Sriram, Ph.D. .
  • Topic Medical Literature Searches from ARIF
    5 star rating The "Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility" team posts the evidence available from the medical literature that support or contest specific clinical practices. The structured summaries include reviews that it has identified and short commentary.
  • Evidence-Based On-Call Database
    4 star rating Information summaries on 38 medical conditions with short summaries of the scientific evidence that supports the utility of therapeutic interventions. The summaries include causes, clinical features, differential diagnosis, investigations, therapy, prevention and prognosis.
  • Human Fluid and Caloric Requirements
    4 star rating A calculator which determines the fluid and calorie requirements for a person who is either active or sedentary based on height and weight (more accurate) or weight.
  • Clinical Prediction Rules
    3 star rating A collection of interactive practical clinical decision tools in various specialties.
  • Introduction to Clinical Reasoning - Evidence Based Medicine Home Page
    3 star rating Evidence Based Medicine concepts: Odds Ratio vs. Relative Risk, p value and 95% Confidence Intervals, sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value.
  • Martindale's Reference Desk Medical & Health Science Calculators
    3 star rating Links to web-based calculators: blood alcohol, body surface area, survival probabilities, costs, risk of complications, drug dosages, genetics, mortality, pregnancy, trauma, etc. Jim Martindale .
  • MedCalc
    3 star rating A collection of various tools and calculators for Medicine, Pediatrics, and OB/Gyn. Includes calculators for ABG, Body Mass Index, Pregnancy Dates, Growth Charts, Immunizations, creatinine clearance, heart disease risk, etc.
  • Online Clinical Calculators from the Medical College of Wisconsin
    3 star rating Presents selected calculators and clinical formulas, such as heart disease risk, serum osmolality, creatinine clearance, weights and measures conversion, etc. Accepts parameters and performs online calculation. Division of General Internal Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Body Surface Area Calculator
    2 star rating Calculates body surface area (BSA) with advanced features, such as automatic units conversion, for subsequent use in medication dose calculations. recently revised (2/2002) Steven Halls, MD.
  • Evidence-based Decision Making, U. of Sydney
    2 star rating Assembles a set of resources and tools to facilitate the practice of evidence-based decision making. These tools are applicable to the physician, allied healthcare professional and administrator. University of Sydney, Northern Clinical School .
  • Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit
    1 star rating A Canadian based collection of resources to support EBM, including appraisal checklists, methodological filters and other User Guide-associated resources. University of Alberta.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine Toolbox
    1 star rating Glossaries, calculators, tutorials and statistical information useful for practitioners of EBM. Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford.
  • Logistic Organ Dysfunction System
    1 star rating Users enter organ system measures and impairments such as creatinine level. The predicted probability of death is returned. LODS score and predicted mortality are based on the methodology of Le Gall, et al. in JAMA, Sept 11, 1996. John C. Pezzullo .
  • Maximum Allowable Blood Loss Calculator
    1 star rating Users enter weight in kilograms and hemoglobin level. The MABL value is returned. See disclaimer. John Oyston .
  • NetNote Clinical Notes from Mass. General
    1 star rating REG An interactive template for recording clinical notes using point and click selection of symptoms and physical findings. Restricted registration or content areas. Christopher Kreis, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, Laboratory of Computer Science.


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