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Classification and Coding

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  • ICD-9 Code Search from e-MDs
    4 star rating Search and browse access to disease codes and disease descriptions from the ICD-9 International Classification of Diseases. AMT Solutions, Inc. .
  • ICD-9 Codes OnLine
    3 star rating Search by diagnosis code, description or keywords selection of codes to the highest level of specificity. PMIC and Medical Coding & Compliance Solutions, LLC.
  • CPT Code/Value Search, AMA
    1 star rating REG Permits a search for the amount that Medicare pays for a physician procedure. The database includes CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes and Medicare's relative value payment amount associated with the codes. Searches can be performed using 5 digit CPT code numbers or key word(s) in the code description. The AMA does not charge for this limited search function. American Medical Association. Free registration.
  • HCPCS Coding Utility from Yaki Technologies
    1 star rating Provides access, for registered users, to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System database. HCPCS are billing codes for medical services and supplies. Subscription fee.
  • ICD-9CM Search Engine from Yaki Technologies
    1 star rating REG Search access to disease codes from the International Classification of Disease. Fee registration.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • ICD-9 Codes for Family Practice 2000-2001
    3 star rating Disease codes and disease descriptions from the ICD-9 International Classification of Diseases. Offers versions in PDF format, a text file, or a Microsoft Word file. American Academy of Family Physicians. .

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • SNOMED International
    3 star rating The "Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine" is a widely used classification system for indexing clinical signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and procedures. College of American Pathologists .


  • from Myrias Resources
    2 star rating Links to news articles and web documents that provide information regarding outpatient reimbursement, privacy, coding, medical insurance, HIPAA , OPPS, and E-health. The resources are categorized by state and clinical specialty.

Educational Materials

  • Coding for the Family Nurse Practitioner CE
    5 star rating A learning module for Nursing CE credit on the importance of proper coding, the procedure for applying for provider status, the evolution of third party reimbursement including Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and the documentation components for coding outpatient visits. Department of Nursing at Pittsburg State University.
  • ICD-9-CM Diagnostic Codes Compressed Files
    3 star rating Compressed files provided by Medicare, which need to be decompressed before use. Topics covered include providers, cost limits, cost reports and payment rates. Health Care Financing Administration.
    3 star rating Programs for handheld computers: ICD-9 Coder, CPT Coder, GrowthCharts, Cholesterol, Cardiac Clearance, ACS Risk.
  • Sample Operative Reports for Medical Transcription
    1 star rating A large database of specialty-categorized operative reports formatted as "standard dictations" for medical transcriptionists. MT Desk / Arleen MacRae .

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