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Biomedical Industry and Companies

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  • Business Search Engine - Health
    5 star rating A searchable and browsable directory of United States businesses, categorized into disciplines, which offers stock market information, news releases, a profile of operations, financial information, valuation, competitors, and biographies of personnel., Inc. .
  • Medical Device Link Search
    1 star rating A full-text search of an article archive and a database of medical equipment suppliers. Digital Media Canon Communications LLC.


  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals Industry News at Yahoo
    4 star rating News headline links to full text stories regarding medical product developments, discoveries, and research from Reuters Securities, PR Newswire, Business Wire, CBS MarketWatch, Internet Wire, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical News & Information from
    4 star rating Provides constantly updated pharmaceutical industry news and information with an emphasis on drug information, drug databases, and pharmaceutical industry intelligence.
  • Biotechnology News from Online Medical News
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks to sites that offer specialty-related news for medical professionals and patients.
  • FaxWatch Online
    3 star rating News items from the Health Care industry. FaxWatch Inc.
  • Medical Device Link
    2 star rating Searchable archived news and features that cover developments in the medical device industry to assist professionals in developing products to meet the needs of the marketplace. A title is "Acoustics May Predict Heart-Valve Failures." Canon Communication Digital Media Canon Communications LLC.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Health Industry Today
    5 star rating Search access to full text articles, directed to healthcare industry vendors, that covers capitation, product announcements, and activities of hospital suppliers. The Business Word Inc.
  • Health Data Management
    4 star rating Presents bulletins, news, industry rankings and classifieds regarding healthcare information systems, claims processing and electronic medical records. Faulkner & Gray, Inc.
    3 star rating News updates and feature articles for medical supply buyers, hospital purchasing agents, and materials managers.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • Bio Online
    3 star rating Comprehensive web resource for information on pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Bio Online.
  • California Healthcare Initiative
    3 star rating A homepage for an organization of more than 200 of California's leading biomedical firms, universities and private research institutions. This website offers biomedical industry news, organization information, "issues and perspectives", and Medicare regulatory reform news.
  • InPharm
    3 star rating Provides executives in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with news, articles, jobs opportunity listings, and a directories of related agencies and professional organizations.
  • Neoforma Healthcare Manufacturers and Vendors
    3 star rating A large, searchable, well-categorized directory of medical product items linked to the companies that provide them. Inquiries sent through its messaging system are directed to the companies' customer support personnel who answer questions related to products. Neoforma, Inc. .


Educational Materials


  • Medical Device Forum
    1 star rating Discussion forum for medical device industry professionals to share ideas, discuss current issues, or seek solutions regarding the design, manufacture, or regulation of medical devices. Al Weisenbron Medical Device Consulting.

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