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Addiction and Substance Abuse

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Full Text / MultiMedia

  • American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    5 star rating Search access to articles covering current issues in drug and alcohol abuse. Presented online by the full text article search service
  • "Addiction" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures from medical schools, medical societies, etc. collected by the Google search service.
  • Drug Abuse at Bandolier
    5 star rating Advice about treatments and diseases based on systematic reviews of studies and trials.
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse Notes
    5 star rating Articles which cover drug abuse research in the areas of treatment and prevention, epidemiology, neuroscience, behavioral science, health services, and AIDS. The publication reports on research; identifies resources; and promotes communication among clinicians, researchers, administrators, policymakers, and the public.
  • Animations: How Drugs Work : Alcohol, Cocaine, Opiates, Nicotine, Marijuana
    4 star rating Animated illustrations on addiction and recovery in America presented as part of a series on Public Television.
  • Information on Common Drugs of Abuse
    4 star rating Full text information and reports on abused drugs. Presented by the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health.
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism Publications
    4 star rating The NIAAA, one of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, offers training materials, guides, assessment instruments, and reports for health care professionals and researchers.
  • Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, and Pharmaceutics of Drugs of Abuse
    4 star rating NIDA Research Monograph, Number 173 [Printed in 1997]
  • The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Catalog
    4 star rating Hard copy and online publications distributed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Flash Card Exchange - Pathology
    3 star rating Reviews of clinical topics with "clickable" questions and answers. The "flashcards" are posted by worldwide medical students as study tools.
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Alcohol Alerts
    3 star rating Full text publications on alcohol-related impairment, drinking and driving, alcohol metabolism, alcohol-medication interactions, children of alcoholics, alcohol and cognition, etc. Published by the NIAAA and presented online by the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Indiana University.
  • Alcoweb
    2 star rating REG A web project, sponsored by the European Commission, that offers alcohol abuse related press releases and reviews. Covers associated disease conditions, strategies for prevention, early detection, treatment, regulation of advertising, and public health issues. Free registration.
  • DrugText Substance Pages
    2 star rating A large collection of briefs on drugs that are commonly abused, such as opiates and hallucinogens. Covers their history, uses, adverse reactions, effects, policy issues, references. Foundation for Drug Policy and Human Rights, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation
    2 star rating News, publications, and a library of documents focusing on drug policy from this institute advocating drug policy reform. Searchable.
  • On-line Dictionary of Street Drug Slang
    2 star rating Contains more than 5,000 street drug street terms and slang words. Searchable. Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Indiana University.
  • Street Drug Reference Guide
    1 star rating A directory of information sheets on commonly abused drugs which detail methods of use, testing, detection levels, and psychologic and physical effects. Washington State, Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.



  • Chemical Dependency Chapter - Family Practice Notebook
    5 star rating A section from an ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice. Family Practice Notebook, LLC.
  • Diagnosing and Managing Chemical Dependency
    5 star rating A concise, easily readable treatise on alcohol and other drug dependencies. Joseph D. Beasley.
  • ENotes Drugs and Addictive Substances
    4 star rating A meticulously researched volume containing the most up-to-date information on the use and abuse of drugs and other addictive substances.
  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment
    4 star rating A comprehensive text which covers methadone pharmacokinetics, psychopathology and craving. Published in 1997 by Dr Jan Willem de Vos.
  • Controversies in the Addiction Field
    3 star rating An academic work that addresses questions such as: should abstinence be the only treatment model for alcoholism and problem drinking?; should we have mandatory drug testing?; are warning labels effective in preventing alcohol abuse?, etc. Published by Kendall-Hunt, Dubuque, Iowa, 1990. Sponsored by the American Council on Alcoholism.
  • NIDA Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment-A Research-Based Guide
    3 star rating A textbook that presents the principles of effective treatment including general theory, the role of the criminal justice system and the family, effectiveness of medications and specific programs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH .
  • Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse: Opportunities for Coordination
    3 star rating Presents an overview of addiction and its treatment, causes, evaluation, relapse prevention, confidentiality, health, social and legal issues, and opportunities for coordination among state legislators and the treatment field. Publication No. 94-2075. Printed 1994. U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse
    5 star rating One of the National Insitutes of Health which leads the United States in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction prevention, treatment, and policy. NIDA supports research and the dissemination and use of the results of that research. The NIDA website offers news releases, information on drugs of abuse, reports of research and clinical trials, statistics, trends, publications, and a guide to drug addiction treatment. NIDA, NIH.
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine
    4 star rating A national professional medical specialty society dedicated to educating physicians and improving the treatment of individuals suffering from alcoholism and other addictions. The website offers news, practice guidelines, public policy statements, regulations, publications, a calendar of events, a discussion forum, a bulletin board, and links to related web sites. Searchable.
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
    4 star rating NIAAA supports and conducts biomedical and behavioral research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. The NIAAA website offers a significant collection of full text materials: news releases, advisories, conference updates, reports, training materials, pamphlets, brochures, and a graphics gallery.
  • Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
    3 star rating CSAT is an organization supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that was created in October 1992 with a congressional mandate to expand the availability of effective treatment and recovery services for alcohol and drug problems. CSAT's website offers a large collection of full text programs and projects, reports, pilot studies, publications, and news on substance abuse issues. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, US DHHS.
  • National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
    3 star rating A national organization that brings together under one roof all the professional disciplines needed to study and combat abuse of all substancesaalcohol, tobacco, illegal and performance-enhancing drugsain all sectors of society. The website includes news, publications, and research and programs information. Columbia University.
  • The Research Society on Alcoholism
    3 star rating Includes information about the Society, membership information, upcoming meetings, research and training grants, a list of fellowships, announcements, links to related web sites.
  • Addiction & Substance Abuse Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
    2 star rating Includes news, publications, surveys and reports, statistical data, policies and prevention activities, links to related web resources, directory of organizations and substance abuse treatment services. Searchable. In English and French.
  • Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
    2 star rating This website, from an addiction treatment center in Canada, offers addiction treatment news, journal articles, reports of research, and patient information.
  • Centre for Drug Research
    2 star rating CEDRO's website includes news, drug use statistics, reports of research and current projects, publications, and a mailing list. University of Amsterdam.
  • Drugtext Foundation Substance Abuse Resources
    1 star rating A collection of textbooks and materials that disseminate information on substance use, addiction, harm reduction, and international and national drug policy. "Drugtext" is a (non-profit) foundation under Dutch law providing Internet services for the International Harm Reduction Association, the International Foundation on Drug Policy & Human Rights et al.
  • Indiana Prevention Resource Center Infosite
    1 star rating News, drug information, publications, statistics, and an events calendar from this clearinghouse for prevention technical assistance. Offers information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Indiana University.

Practice Guidelines / FAQs

Images, Path./Clinical

  • WebPath Pathology of Drug Abuse Tutorial at Utah
    3 star rating A tutorial, text supplemented by clickable images of gross and microscopic images, which focuses on organ changes related to the ingestion of illicit substances. Presented as part of the Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education maintained by the Department of Pathology at the University of Utah.


    5 star rating REG Case-based interactive courses in addiction medicine. Clinical Tools, Inc. and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Fee registration.

Patient Education

  • Substance Abuse and Addictions Patient Ed at Medem
    4 star rating A large collection of patient information handouts and fact sheets sponsored by major medical specialty societies and the American Medical Association. .
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    2 star rating Includes information for patients and health professionals, press releases, news, meetings, FAQs, quizzes. In English, French, and Spanish. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.


  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Prevention Global Network
    3 star rating "Drugnet" provides an extensive set of well-annotated links to journals, fact sheets, research articles, and prevention materials.
  • National Institute for Chemical Dependency On-line Resources
    3 star rating A directory of articles and directories for health and wellness, addictions, prevention, recovery, medical, mental health, social issues, research, education, spirituality, and family.
  • Addiction Search
    1 star rating A browsable directory of addiction information that focuses on research on substance abuse and behavior problems. Includes prevention, statistics, treatment, social issues, daily news updates and annotated links. Emil Chiauzzi, Ph.D.

Educational Materials

  • The Lycaeum Drug Database
    4 star rating A directory of educational weblinks regarding abused medicinal products, chemicals, and preparations. Factsheets include chemical structures and properties.
  • Open Emergency Room Question Bank
    3 star rating Clickable system-categorized questions and answers. An open-source for attending physicians, residents, interns and students engaged in the study and practice of emergency medicine.
  • Alcohol Dependence at Internet Mental Health
    2 star rating Weblinks that review the disorder: diagnosis, treatments, and literature articles.
  • Substance-Related Disorders at Internet Mental Health
    2 star rating A section of a physician-sponsored web project that offers disorder definitions, diagnosis, treatment, practice guidelines, and article weblinks. Internet Mental Health is produced by Dr. Phillip W. Long, M.D.
  • Dual Diagnosis-Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
    1 star rating Provides information and resources for service providers, consumers, and family members on co-occurring mental illness, drug addiction and/or alcoholism. Includes full-text articles regarding diagnosis, symptoms, treatment. Kathleen Sciacca .


  • ADD_MED LIST Addiction Medicine
    2 star rating Discussion list for professionals involved in treatment or research of substance dependence & addictions. Searchable archives. St.John's University & L-Soft International. Inc.

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