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  • Physician's Weekly
    5 star rating An online version of a popular publication which offers professional-level highlights and analysis of current medical news and controversies.
  • Medpage Today Medical News
    5 star rating Professional-level analysis of breaking medical stories widely reported in the consumer media. Physicians and other healthcare professionals obtain free CME credits by completing associated educational programs.
  • Rxpgnews Medical News
    5 star rating Specialty-categorized healthcare industry press releases and news briefs for medical professionals.
  • Ascribe Health and Medicine News
    5 star rating A national newswire that posts current news releases from universities, medical centers, research labs, public-policy organizations, government agencies and philanthropic foundations.
  • Doctor's Guide News
    5 star rating Medical and pharmaceutical industry news, product announcements and research developments from conferences, journals, and newswires. PSL Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Medical News Today
    5 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.
  • MedlinePlus Health Information News
    5 star rating Constantly-updated news headline links and archived stories. Sources include the New York Times Syndicate, Reuters, and the AP News Service. The news link directory is maintained by the National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus health information service.
  • American College of Physicians Observer
    5 star rating An award-winning newspaper which provides coverage of local and national events relevant to Internal Medicine practitioners. The Observer offers news and feature articles on practice trends, computers, residency, ethics, etc. American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.
  • BioSpace News
    5 star rating A catalogue of headline links and abstracts of breaking news, medical research developments, and announcements from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. BioSpace, Inc.
  • Eurekalert Weekly Science News Releases - Medicine
    5 star rating Searchable, full-text, medical science-related news releases from research institutions, universities, government agencies, and corporations. The releases are directed to reporters, press agencies, and news media. American Association for the Advancement of Science .
  • Global Family Doctor Journal Watch
    5 star rating Synopses of articles from current medical literature relevant to family doctors, extracted from family medicine and general journals and brought to readers within days of publication. All synopses are referenced. In most instances, clicking the reference source takes you to the online abstract or full text of the article. Sometimes you'll encounter a registration screen where you can register free for access to that journal.
    5 star rating REG A directory of current, specialty-categorized weblinks to articles from the world's medical literature. The resource offers article abstracts and hyperlinks to fee or free full text journal articles at publishers' websites. Free registration.
  • Medical Association Meeting Abstracts
    5 star rating A directory of web sites that offer abstracts from major medical association meetings. University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library.
    5 star rating Medical industry news summaries distributed by various news wires and services. Includes opinions, press releases, corporate news, and publicity items. is a subsidiary of eDiabetes, Inc.
  • Medscape Medical Conference Coverage
    5 star rating In-depth reports on developments announced at worldwide medicalconferences. Includes CME opportunities and breaking news items.
  • Medscape Multispecialty News
    5 star rating REG Constantly-updated medical news headline links to Reuters health news updates, feature articles, briefs, columns, and editorials directed to practicing clinicians. Free registration. Medscape, Inc.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from CDC
    5 star rating The MMWR weekly, published by the US Centers for Disease Control, contains reports and data on infectious and chronic diseases, environmental hazards, disasters, international health, and occupational diseases. MMWR offers updates from state and territorial public health departments.
  • RSI Medical Meeting Reports
    5 star rating Professional level news updates that review research developments presented at major US medical meetings.
  • SurfWax Health and Medical News Aggregator
    5 star rating News and articles on health and medical conditions. SurfWax, Inc.
  • The Medical Post
    5 star rating Full text clinical and practice updates directed to Canadian physicians. Rogers Communication.
  • Time Sci-Health
    5 star rating Smart analysis and informed perspective from one of the world's leading news sources.
  • WebMD Newscenter Health News
    5 star rating Original daily articles regarding health, disease, and medical research for a consumer audience. WebMD Corporation .
  • Google Health News
    4 star rating Search access to health news from 4,000 English-language sources, from The New York Times to small-town newspapers.
  • HospitalConections - Hospital Management Newsletter
    4 star rating Articles, forums, and archives cover business transactions, policy changes, and trends that affect healthcare organizations. An article title is "Has Managed Care Lost Its Soul?". Full-text. American Hospital Publishing, Inc.
  • Health News
    4 star rating Headline links to news stories in the world of human health.
  • Duke Medical News
    4 star rating Duke University news releases, feature stories on patient care, research, and education, expert commentary by Duke physicians on current issues in medicine. Duke University Medical Center News Office.
  • Google Health News
    4 star rating Search and browse 4,500 news sources updated continuously.
  • Harvard Biomedical News Links
    4 star rating Full text newsletters including Harvard Medical School's "Countway Library News" and the "Countway Newsletter". Also provides links to "Harvard Biomedical News" and "World Biomedical News".
  • Harvard World Health News
    4 star rating News updates from online international news sources such as the BBC, Associated Press, New Nation, and The Guardian. Harvard School of Public Health .
  • Health and Medicine in the News at U. Minnesota
    4 star rating Search and browse access to librarian-prepared abstracts of health news headlines from The Star Tribune of Minneapolis regarding new research findings from scholarly publications. The abstracts include the headline, a synopsis of the article, the newspaper article source, and related journal article citations. Bio-Medical Library of the University of Minnesota.
  • Health and Sciences News at National Public Radio
    4 star rating Current and archived stories that offer disease coverage, research updates, and updates on scientific discoveries. Text and RealAudio format.
  • Health News at Yahoo
    4 star rating News headline links to full text stories from Newsweek, SF Gate, the BBC, NY Times, Online NewsHour, The Nation, and MSNBC.
  • Health News from The New York Times
    4 star rating REG Continuously-updated news, press releases, and short articles related to health issues from one of the United States' premier news organizations. Free registration.
  •'s HealthCast Webcasting Service
    4 star rating Webcasts of seminars, meetings, press conferences, and congressional hearings. Health policy issues covered include Medicare, children's health, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, consumer health, patients' rights, etc. Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Med`Tech Center ` A Wired News Collection
    4 star rating News articles that cover technologic advances in genetics, microcomputers, digital imaging, and telemedicine as they apply to medical research and treatment. Wired Digital Inc., a Lycos Network site.
  • Medical News at Emedicine
    4 star rating A directory of headline links to stories from wire services inlcuding United Press International and the United Kingdom's, Inc.
  • MedNews from Newswise
    4 star rating News releases from medical companies, organizations, and research institutions.
  • National Institutes of Health News
    4 star rating News updates from one of the world's foremost medical research centers. The NIH serves as a focal point for federal medical research in the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
  • Nature Science Update - Health and Medicine
    4 star rating Short articles on recent discoveries in health and medicine. Macmillan Magazines.
  • NewsHub Health News
    4 star rating A searchable and browsable list of consumer level health headlines from Fox, New York Times Syndicate, Reuters, and ABC News. Updated hourly. NewsHub .
  • ScienceDaily Magazine Health and Medicine News Headlines
    4 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Sciencenews
    4 star rating The latest science news powered by Moreover Technologies.
  • University of Iowa Health Care News
    4 star rating Specialty-categorized announcements representing the activities of departments of a regional medical center.
  • WHO Media Centre
    4 star rating Recent World Health Organization media advisories and news about efforts to improve international public health.
  • MedWire News
    3 star rating REG The latest, most important findings in the fast-moving world of medical research and clinical trials from scans of the world's leading journals. Offered to healthcare professionals working at all levels and across all specialties. Free registration.
  • American Medical Association Science News Updates
    3 star rating Press releases that announce new scientific information from articles recently published in the AMA's specialty-oriented "Archives" journals or JAMA. Updated 3/2003.
  • BBC News Online Medical Notes Library
    3 star rating In-depth, illustrated medical news stories directed to a consumer audience. Produced by the British Broadcasting System.
  • Biomedicine and Health in the News at Connecticut
    3 star rating Librarian-prepared structured abstracts of health news headlines from the New York Times. The structured abstracts include: the headline, a synopsis of the article, and a hyperlink to online medical literature sources. The New York Times edition scanned for this service is the Late Edition delivered to subscribers in Connecticut. University of Connecticut Health Center Library.
  • CNNfn Industry Watch Healthcare Headlines
    3 star rating A searchable and browsable database of daily healthcare industry financial news and "executive summaries" from hundreds of news sources. Access can be customized based on preset search terms. CNN and NewsReal.
  • FDC Reports
    3 star rating REG Brief weekly newsbytes that cover news on the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and cosmetic industries. Offers live webcasts of FDA advisory meetings. Subscription links to Pink, Gray, Tan and Gold Sheet. Fee registration for full text. Subscription fee. FDC Reports.
  • Health and Family News at the Chicago Tribune
    3 star rating REG Daily health and family related articles printed by this major US newspaper. Free registration.
  • Health and Medicine News at the Houston Chronicle
    3 star rating Daily health articles printed by this major US newspaper.
  • Health from the U.S. News & World Report
    3 star rating A weekly national newsmagazine that reports and analyzes national health issues as well as trends in international affairs, politics, business, science, and technology.
  • Health News at SFGate
    3 star rating Daily health articles printed by the San Francisco Chronicle and other Hearst Communications companies.
  • Health News at the Miami Herald's
    3 star rating Daily health articles printed by this major US newspaper.
  • Health News at the South Florida Sun Sentinel
    3 star rating Daily health articles printed by this major US newspaper.
  • Health News at the - Minneapolis/St.Paul
    3 star rating Daily health articles printed by this major US newspaper.
  • Health News from the Scripps Howard News Service
    3 star rating Nurse briefs on topics of general interest.
  • Health/Science News at the Seattle Times
    3 star rating Daily health and science related articles printed by this major US newspaper.
  • Healthcare News - Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology/Healthcare
    3 star rating Daily news items releases that include press releases regarding new products, drug and health product announcements, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Also available for wireless. PR Newswire.
  • Medical News from Online Medical News
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks to sites that offer medically-related news for medical professionals and patients.
  • Micromedex Medical News
    3 star rating Trusted medical news that provides clinicians access to answers, alerts, and recommendations.
  • News-Medical.Net
    3 star rating A medical news and information service.
  • Physician's Briefing
    3 star rating Up-to-the-minute daily news articles on the latest research from medical journals, presentations at medical conferences, and government initiatives that affect the way physicians and other professionals practice medicine.
  • Physician's News Digest
    3 star rating A leading source of medical news in Pennsylvania and Texas focusing on local health policy, medical economicsm and health care law.
  • Medical Press Releases
    3 star rating Free, carefully selected online medical press releases that allow organizations to share their new developments and product announcenents.
  • Reuters Health News at Yahoo
    3 star rating Daily health-related news items from this newswire service. Yahoo! and Reuters Limited.
  • The Health Report Transcripts (Australia)
    3 star rating Provides a weekly round-up of the latest issues and developments in the world of health and medicine. Audio also available. Australian Broadcasting Corporation / Radio National.
  • Timely Topics In Medicine from Prous Science.
    3 star rating REG A searchable collection of specialty categorized news and research articles. Available by geographic location. Prous Science. Free registration. Fee transactions.
  • Health News
    3 star rating News stories emerging on the Internet from online newspapers and magazines.
  • Vidyya Medical News Service
    3 star rating News briefs on clinical and medical research developments for medical, allied health, and medico-legal professionals. Sponsored by a medical multimedia company Ars Medica.
  • Health and Wellness Headlines at Xpresspress
    2 star rating News briefs and industry press releases, on web and non-web health topics, from around the world. Xpress Press.
  • Health Updates from USA Today
    2 star rating REG Daily and archived news updates from this national publication. Free registration.
  • Hopkins Medical News
    2 star rating Published three times a year for alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, HMN brings readers face to face with people, issues and events that shape one of the world's leading health care institutions.
  • Reuters Health News Explorer from MedBioWorld
    2 star rating Search access to 36,466 Reuters Health Medical and Industry News articles dating back to January of 2004 using proprietary keyword search, results clustering, find similar context search and term-suggest technology.
  • Behind the Medical Headlines
    1 star rating International media headline links on topical medical matters. The articles are accompanied on the website by authoritative and independent expert commentarie. Developed by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

Patient Education

  • Health
    4 star rating Daily health and medicine updates from this premiere news gathering organization. Cable News Network .
  • Healthscout Health and Medical News
    1 star rating News and current events from the world of medicine written at consumer level. Rx Remedy, Inc. .
  • Los Angeles Times Health and Medicine Articles
    1 star rating REG A list of abstracts linked to full text news articles. Fee registration for full text. Fee transactions. Los Angeles Times.
  • News Desk
    1 star rating REG Health and medical news updates for consumers from the Mayo Clinic health portal. Free registration. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Educational Materials

  • MedServ Medical News
    5 star rating REG A constantly updated collection of medical headline links, news updates, and topic reviews. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Today's MDNews at PraxisMD
    4 star rating Breaking news points relevant to physician practices and professional health. Registration with physician license number is required. Sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc.
  • American Medical News
    2 star rating News articles that cover professional, social, economic and policy issues in medicine. Published weekly, this resource provides in-depth coverage of legislative, regulatory, medical market and health profession issues. Key content is posted a week before the print issue date. American Medical Association .
  • Reuters Health Information
    2 star rating REG Constantly-updated, daily, clinician-oriented medical news that covers major events and meetings in medicine, legislative initiatives, the pharmaceutic and managed care industries, and more than 100 medical journals. Fee registration. Subscription fee.
  • Hot Topics in Medicine and Healthcare from AHC
    1 star rating News articles, selected from this publisher's large catalog of newsletters, that represent important clinical practice or health industry developments. Archived. American Health Consultants, Inc - a Thomson Healthcare Company. Free trial.
  • "Today in Medicine" from MDConsult
    1 star rating REG This fee-based metasite of clinical knowledge offers a well-maintained collection of Reuters medical professional news stories, clinical updates, and important abstracts from newly released journal articles. Check link after registration. Fee registration. Free trial. MD Consult L.L.C. .


  • Global Family Doctor Daily Alerts
    3 star rating Alerts each week day about articles appearing in the current medical literature relevant to family doctors, news briefs, and clinical reviews. GFD staff scan over 100 family medicine, general and specialist journals and news services to bring to you, within days of publication, synopses of the latest in cutting edge clinical research, clinical reviews, disease outbreaks and medical news. A free service from Global Family Doctor - Wonca Online. Daily Alerts are sent by email every week day to alert readers to the items posted that day.

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