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Sports Medicine

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  • Medical News Today - Sports Medicine / Fitness News
    4 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.
  • News from the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
    4 star rating News and press releases from the AOSS. Includes significant findings from recent American Journal of Sports Medicine articles.
  • Science Daily News - Sports Medicine
    3 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Science Daily News - Diving Medicine
    2 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • American Journal of Sports Medicine
    5 star rating Search access to articles covering current issues in sports medicine . Presented online by the full text article search service
  • Emedx Online Sports Injuries Clinician Education
    5 star rating In depth reviews that include animations, surgery pictures, surgery stories, annotated xrays, and schematics regarding sports medicine and orthopedic surgery topics. Presented by Stanford University Medical Center
  • Medscape Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
    5 star rating REG A peer-reviewed online journal featuring clinical news, full-text articles, and other special features covering the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of patients presenting with orthopedic complaints. Medscape, Inc. Free registration.
  • Sports Medicine Reports
    5 star rating Articles covering current issues in Sports Medicine. Presented online by the full text service Biomedcentral.
  • Sports Medicine Resource Center at Medscape
    5 star rating REG A regularly updated collection of Medscape's key clinical content including news, conference summaries, articles, treatment updates, clinical management modules, Medline and Cochrane abstracts, practice guidelines, and links to professional organizations. Free registration.
  • The Physician and Sportsmedicine Archives
    5 star rating Archived articles from a peer-reviewed monthly journal that offers primary care sports medicine clinical and personal health articles. McGraw-Hill Companies .
  • The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online
    5 star rating A peer-reviewed monthly journal that offers primary care sports medicine clinical and personal health articles. McGraw-Hill Companies.
  • Diving Medicine FAQs and Articles at DAN
    4 star rating In-depth medical articles and frequently asked medical questions and answers collected at the Divers Alert Network - an organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers. DAN is associated with Duke University Medical Center.
  • National Ski Patrol Emergency Care Education
    4 star rating Lesson slides, tests, scenarios, handouts, and EMS education resources.
  • Ski Patrol Magazine Archives
    4 star rating Physician authored articles on urgent care of on-mountain injuries and presentations. National Ski Patrol System, Inc.
  • Sports Medicine Topics at NISMAT
    4 star rating The Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma offers a core curriculum of sports medicine: orthopedic examination of joints, muscle physiology, cardiovascular testing, therapeutic exercises, nutritional information, the treatment of on-field injuries, hot topics, training tips, etc.
  • The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
    4 star rating Information on over 90 sports related injuries.
  • Medslides Sports Medicine Powerpoint Slideshows
    3 star rating A collection of slideshows authored by medical faculty and clinicians.
  • Professional Team Physicians Sports Medicine Online Project
    3 star rating A web project, maintained by ProTeam members who care for elite atheletes, of sports medicine news, cases of interest, conference reports, product news briefs, and CME listings.
  • SportsMedWeb Educational Site
    3 star rating Articles cover issues such as sudden death in athletes, dehydration and heat Injury, iliotibial band friction syndrome, piriformis syndrome, etc. Presents color schematics for specific muscle stretches. Rice University.



  • 2003-2004 NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook
    5 star rating Guidelines for sound principles of sports medicine care. Produced annually by the NCAA.
  • Clinical Sports Medicine
    5 star rating A complete practical guide book to sports medicine, covering all aspects of diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries.
  • Emedicine Sports Medicine Online Textbook
    5 star rating A carefully edited and constantly updated online multimedia textbook that offers disease synopses, images, pathophysiology, clinical findings, symptoms, and differential diagnosis. Emedicine, Inc.
  • Sports Medicine - Family Practice Notebook
    5 star rating A section from an ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice. Family Practice Notebook, LLC.
  • Sports Medicine Colour Guide
    5 star rating Illustrations and reviews that describe topics such as sudden death in sport, the female athlete, injuries of the shoulder, elbow, etc. WorldOrtho Inc.
  • Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science
    4 star rating A collection of articles written by leading practitioners and researchers in the disciplines of human movement. Topics include "ACL Injuries", "Adaptation to Resistance Exercise", "Anabolic Steroids, etc.
  • Diving Medicine Online
    3 star rating Expert advice and disease briefs that cover the spectrum of diving related medical conditions. Topics include heart problems, neurological disorders, decompression sickness, and arterial gas embolism. Ernest Campbell, MD FACS .

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • American College of Sports Medicine
    4 star rating ACSM is the world's largest multidisciplinary sports medicine and exercise science organization. It promotes scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine. This website offesrs membership information, meetings udpates, and educational materials.
  • Pro Team
    3 star rating A metasite, founded by physicians, that offers upcoming events, cases of interest, product news briefs, and online CME listings. The listings focus on sports medicine and orthopedics.
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
    2 star rating A homepage for an international organization serving over 2,500 members with an interest in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. UHMS members are diving or hyperbaric scientists, physicians, nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists and others.

Images, Path./Clinical


Patient Education


  • MedWeb Sports Medicine
    1 star rating Well-maintained links to guides, sites, journals, organizations, and documents for a general audience.

Educational Materials

  • Sports Medicine at Best Practice of Medicine
    5 star rating A synopsis of clinical care that covers diagnostic and treatment steps, physical examination, testing, medical therapy, hospitalization, differential diagnosis, diagnostic criteria, complications, appropriate consultation. prognosis, prevention, and screening. Best Practice of Medicine is a clinical metasite that offers searchable, browsable, specialty-categorized clinical care articles and practice updates.
  • ExRx Exercise Prescription
    4 star rating An illustrated directory of muscles and relevant exercise techniques, weight training, kinesiology, fitness testing, and sports psychology. This is a resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast.


  • AMSSMnet Sports Medicine Mailing List
    3 star rating Discussion of sports medicine topics of interest to primary care physicians including clinical practice, research, meetings, and distribution of the AMSSM newsletter. 450+ subscribers. American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.
  • Hypbar-L - Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine List
    3 star rating Appropriate discussions include the evolution and application of hyperbaric and diving medicine, announcements of professional meetings, and calls for papers. Archived. Unmoderated. 300 plus subscribers.
  • Sport-Med UK Mail List
    2 star rating Discussions regarding UK research in sports medicine, including exercise physiology, nutrition, the impact of disease on work endurance, applied biomechanics, treatment of injuries, and the use of performance-enhancing substances, at all levels of participation.
  • AAOS Sports Medicine Newsgroup
    1 star rating REG Web-based threaded posts. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Restricted registration or content areas.

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