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Reproductive Medicine

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Full Text / MultiMedia

  • "Infertility" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures, from global medical schools and societies, that discuss infertility and related topics. Collected by the Google search service.
  • FertiMagazine
    5 star rating A monthly online journal is to bring the latest news on cutting edge science in human reproduction to fertility specialists and healthcare professionals. Edited by internationally recognized fertility experts, FertiMagazine features the latest news and developments, discussions of international issues and summaries of theses and papers, as well as educational sessions on human reproduction. Read on and enjoy our February issue.
  • Human Reproduction Course at Utah
    5 star rating A text and image annotated module that presents clinical, pathologic, and pharmacologic correlations. University of Utah Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.
  • USAID Global Health Mini-University Webpage
    5 star rating Full text state-of-the-art text and slideshows from technical sessions on evidence-based interventions to promote access and quality of International reproductive health and family planning services. U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
    4 star rating Provides the latest peer-reviewed, policy-relevant research and analysis on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and other industrialized countries.
  • Reproduction
    4 star rating Free full text journal articles made available by the publisher. Change the year in the search window for alternate years.
  • Reproductive Health Resources of the Geneva Foundation
    4 star rating Education resources on chronic diseases, epidemiology, statistics, gynecologic endocrinology, infertility, family planning, genetics, and gynecologic surgery. Includes atlases, publications, and databases. The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research.
  • ReproLine from JHPIEGO Corporation
    3 star rating Articles and news, directed to reproductive health counselers worldwide, that cover emergency contraception, contraceptive methods, infection prevention, STDs, etc. JHPIEGO helps host-country trainers improve family planning, maternal and neonatal care in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.



Major Sites / Home Pages

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
    4 star rating An organization that advances knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine and biology. ASRM's website offers membership information, courses and meeting announcements, press releases, policy statements, guidelines, highlights from prior meetings, publications, reports, patient fact sheets, resources for media professionals, FAQs, and a placement service.
  • Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
    4 star rating A multidisciplinary association of professionals who provide reproductive health services or education. ARHP's website includes membership information, press releases, policy statements and updates, publications, patient education, CME online, and conference updates.
  • CDC Reproductive Health Resources
    3 star rating Covers reproductive health issues with documents from many projects within CDC.
  • European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
    3 star rating A society that stimulates the study and research in the field of reproductive medicine and science.
  • Ferti.Net
    3 star rating REG Information on assisted fertilization and human reproduction. Offers magazine, news, a library of resources, meeting information and highlights and forums. Free registration. Ferti.Net.
  • Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
    3 star rating A collegial organization that addresses the specific health concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients with continuing medical education coursework and publications.
  • Nurses in Reproductive Medicine
    3 star rating A website, exclusively for nurses in Reproductive Medicine, offering employment opportunities, a calendar of events, policies and procedures, networking opportunities, and a journal article review.
  • Reproductive Health at AGI
    3 star rating Full text online journals, articles, policy papers, and graphs on contraception, pregnancy, maternal morbidity/mortality, family planning, abortion, STDs, and sex. Alan Guttmacher Institute.
  • International Federation of Fertility Societies
    2 star rating Membership information, consensus reports, books, and a newsletter.
  • Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • International Society of Andrology
    1 star rating This website offers information on the society, its congress, and newsletter.
  • Society for the Study of Reproduction
    1 star rating An organization of individuals engaged in research, education, and training in reproductive biology. This website offers information on the society, the Biology of Reproduction Journal, a calendar of events, and meetings.

Practice Guidelines / FAQs

Images, Path./Clinical


Patient Education

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine Patient Fact Sheets
    5 star rating A collection of fact sheets that cover topics in reproductive medicine: in vitro fertilization, infertility, sexual dysfunction, etc. PDF format.
  • Int. Council on Infertility Info. Dissemination
    4 star rating INCIID provides answers to frequently asked questions about infertility from professional experts. The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination.
  • RESOLVE National Infertility Association
    4 star rating Publications and facts sheets on infertility. A patient advocacy group to individuals who are experiencing infertility.
  • Child of My Dreams
    3 star rating Child 0f My Dreams provides consumer-focused content and support for people dealing with infertility. Willow Tree Media, Inc.
  • FertiliText
    2 star rating Provides information about infertility and reproductive issues to those pursuing fertility treatment. Statlander's Pharmacy.
  • Infertility Center
    2 star rating Background information on human reproduction, learning modules on infertility and resources such as an insurance advisor, glossary and frequently asked questions. Women's Health Interactive and the National Council on Women's Health.
  • Infertility Resources
    2 star rating REG Includes assisted reproduction patient manual, FAQs, and patient oriented articles that cover infertility, endometriosis, in vitro fertilization, etc. Provides links to related web resources. Restricted registration or content areas. Georgia Reproductive Services.
  • Fertility
    2 star rating News on fertility topics, chats, bulletin boards, tools such as an interactive pregnancy and due date calendar and information on contraception, conception, infertility and secondary infertility. iVillage Inc.
  • Infertility Resources
    1 star rating Links to educational resources on infertility.
  • Oral Contraceptives Patient Education FAQ
    1 star rating Consumer directed overview of mechanisms of action, precautions, effectiveness, advantages, and indications.
  • PDR Family Guide to Fertility
    1 star rating A topic categorized list of consumer briefs on fertility, contraception, menopause, pregnancy etc. Medical Economics.


Educational Materials

  • Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Resources at Martin
    4 star rating Clinical and research information on fertility, reproductive surgery and reproductive endocrinology. Topics include outpatient tubal reversal for anastomosis of previous sterilization of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, adhesions, hysterectomy, and fibroids. Martin Center for Women's Health & Fertility.
  • Infertility Educational Pages at AFC
    4 star rating Over 170 educational pages related to in vitro fertilization and infertility. The resource includes over 350 images of eggs, sperm, and embryos. Presented online by the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago.
  • Reproductive Health "Pearls"
    3 star rating These "Pearls" offer answers to commonly asked questions about family planning. Check out the "Pearl" of the Week for Questions & Answers. Prepared by Dr. James D. Shelton, Senior Medical Scientist, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, United States Agency for International Development.
  • The Future of Fertility - An Overview from the BBC
    3 star rating BBC News Online provides comprehensive coverage of a conference on the future of fertility techniques taking place in Bologna, Italy. The British Broadcasting System.
  • Reproductive Immunology Research
    2 star rating Articles and other information on advances in the field of reproductive immunology. Finch University of Health Science, Chicago Medical School.
  • Managing Contraception
    1 star rating News updates, expert answers to consumer questions, and FAQs on contraceptive techniques. Produced by The Bridging the Gap Foundation with support from the Packard Foundation.
  • The Human Reproductive System at Britannica
    1 star rating REG Search and browse access to encyclopedic coverage of anatomy and physiology that includes Frank Netter's classic illustrations, text reviews, and articles. Encyclopedia Britannica. Fee registration.


  • Reproductive-Health Mail List
    3 star rating Threaded email messages from participants on all aspects of reproductive health, including family planning, dissemmination of new research, and conference announcements.

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