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Prescription Assistance Resources

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  • RxList Drug Lookup A-Z by Generic Name
    5 star rating Drug monographs that offer indications, dosage, description, structure and how supplied for the most popular prescribed drugs.
  • Medlineplus Drug Monographs and Health Information from NLM
    5 star rating A to Z monograph descriptions and dosage information for 8,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications, plus a government-sponsored compilation of disease fact sheets, reviews, and organizations. Micromedex and National Library of Medicine.
  • PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs
    5 star rating Plain-English explanations and drug dosages for the safe and effective use of prescription and nonprescription drugsaexplanations that are consistent with the information professionals are referencing in the PDR.
  • Drug Monographs for Physicians at Merckmedicus
    5 star rating REG For physician subscribers, this link provides search access to renowned drug reference: PDR, PDR Drug Interactions, and Mosby's Drug Reference. Free registration.
  • Drug Package "Inserts" at the FDA
    5 star rating A searchable database of official drug prescribing information: dosage, drug description, clinical pharmacology, indications, contraindications, adverse events, use in pregnancy, etc. Produced by the Federal Drug Administration.
  • International Drug Price Indicator Guide
    5 star rating Prices for drugs from drug suppliers and procurement agencies based on their current catalogs or price lists. Published by Management Sciences for Health.
  • Pill Identifier from
    5 star rating Users select drug form, drug shape, and text inpring from drop-down lists. Pill images are displayed.
  • The Johns Hopkins Antibiotics Guide
    5 star rating REG A quick access online reference for selection of appropriate antibiotic therapy. Users' choose pathogen, antibiotic, or diagnosis and receive succinct text notes. PDA compatible. Updated 2001. Free registration. The Johns Hopkins University on behalf of its Division of Infectious Diseases.
  • Wikipedia Medical Encyclopedia - Pharmacology
    5 star rating A collection of medical subject reviews and topic-oriented articles. The contributions are edited and reviewed by Internet users.
  • MayoHealth Patient Information and Drug Monographs
    4 star rating REG A metasite of consumer-oriented disease reviews and drug descriptions. Includes information on thousands of conditions and Micromedex monographs on more than 8,000 drugs. Presented online by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Free registration.
  • from Micromedex and Multum
    4 star rating REG Free patient oriented drug monographs and a drug interaction guide. Professional level informationfor medical professionals is available by subscription. Free registration.
  • Drug Prices
    4 star rating Common medication self-pay prices for mail-order delivery plus drug information.
  • Orange Book from the U.S. FDA
    4 star rating Search access to drugs that are "therapeutically equivalent". For each product, the database offers active ingredients, dosage form, strength, and manufacturer. U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • PDR Online Drug Database
    4 star rating REG Provides search access to complete entries of brand and generic drugs from the current edition of Physicians' Desk Reference. Includes indications, dosing, adverse affects, and contraindications. This resource is offered without charge to registered U.S. physicians. Alternate access: Restricted registration or content areas. Medical Economics Company, Inc.
  • British National Formulary (BNF)
    3 star rating REG Information on the selection, prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines: indications, cautions, contra-indications, side-effects, and dose. A biannual publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Fee registration.
  • Cerner Multum Drug Information Site
    3 star rating A drug database with leaflets in English and Spanish, drug interactions, a pill identifier, use in pregnancy, literature references, allergic reactions. Cerner Multum.
  • DailyMed Medication Package Inserts at NLM
    3 star rating High quality information about marketed drugs. This information includes FDA approved labels (package inserts). This Web site provides health information providers and the public with a standard, comprehensive, up-to-date, look-up and download resource of medication content and labeling as found in medication package inserts. Hosted by the National Library of Medicine.
  • Pharmacy Checker
    3 star rating Compare the cost of drugs at different online and retail outlets.
    3 star rating REG This drug reference is directed to physician prescribers. It is built upon the popular hard copy publication "Monthly Prescribing Reference". The resource offers indications for use, dosage, precautions, interactions, adverse drug reactions, and comparison charts for selection of alternate drugs. Includes over 2,000 color drug images and 1,100 printable patient information leaflets in English or Spanish. Access is for physicians only with registration information verified against a database. Prescribing Reference, Incorporated Free registration.
  • A to Z Drug Facts from
    2 star rating REG Monographs on 4,500 generic and trade name drugs. Includes indications, dosages, side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, use in pregnancy/lactation, and patient/family education. Fee registration. DrugFacts is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc .


  • Prescribing Practice Review (Au)
    5 star rating Independent, evidence-based information about therapeutics. PPR is mailed free of charge to all Australian GPs and pharmacists and some specialists, four times a year.
  • Newly Approved Drug Therapies at Centerwatch
    5 star rating Provides monographs and bibliographic references about drugs newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The browsable index is organized by therapeutic area. CenterWatch, Inc.
  • CMAJ Adverse Drug Reactions Advisories
    4 star rating Practical, readable summaries of advisories and warnings of serious adverse drug reactions.
  • The Prescriber from Unicef
    4 star rating A newsletter which promotes the rational drug use and correct case management in basic health services. Its main audience is front-line health staff in developing countries, both in the public and private sectors.
  • Drug News at
    1 star rating REG Drug related worldwide news headlines. Fee registration. Subscription fee. Facts and Comparison .

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • "Antibiotic" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures from medical schools, medical societies, etc. collected by the Google search service.
  • Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    5 star rating A major forum devoted to antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents and chemotherapy. Full text is available at the publisher's site: free for subscribers now; free for all users 6 months after publication. Published by the American Society for Microbiology.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Therapeutic Topics Teaching at Cambridge
    5 star rating Succinct table-style overviews of drug treatment of core diseases. Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.
  • FDA Oncology Tools
    5 star rating Facts about oncology drugs, FDA regulation, staging, dosing, and drug toxicity. Searchable. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.
  • Pocket Pediatrics
    5 star rating A searchable and browsable index of easy-to-read, pediatric drug information and dosage charts.
  • Antibiotics Tutorial at McGill
    4 star rating A multimedia project, created by medical students at McGill Medical School, to supplement the medical curriculum and serve as a continuing source of information for medical professionals. Shockwave. Sergio Almeida, Med Class of '99 .
  • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs
    4 star rating Concise, easy-to-read reports about the effectiveness, safety, and cost of many widely used prescription drugs.
  • Disease Therapies at
    4 star rating REG Users enter a disease in the search window and view drug monographs useful in the disease's treatment. Physican subscription only. Prescribing Reference, Incorporated. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    4 star rating A web project that offers text reviews of drugs. Includes drug updates, need-to-know information on recently approved drugs, new drug indications, new warnings, patient-teaching aids, summaries on drug developments, clinical pearls, drug regimen calendars for patients, and quick-reference drug information cards. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins .
  • Lexi-Comp New Drugs
    4 star rating Monographs on medications recently approved by the FDA. Lexi-Comp, Inc.
  • Top 300 Drugs by Prescriptions Dispensed
    4 star rating Drug Information for the most prescribed products with links to side effects, drug interactions, dosage, usage, warnings and precautions. RxList.
    1 star rating REG Detailed information on Bristol-Myers Squibb Company's drug products. Covers clinical studies, backround medical information, and prescribing information on BuSpar, Serzone, Pravachol, Avapro, Monopril, Plavix, Glucophage, Cefzil, Tequin, and Stadol. Restricted registration or content areas. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
  • PDR Drug Interaction Information
    1 star rating REG A drug-interaction utility developed for the Physicians' Desk Reference to check the safety of multi-drug regimens. Free registration.


  • Antibiotic Guideline of South Africa from Ampath
    5 star rating A textbook-style reference regarding the diagnosis of infectious diseases, antimicrobial therapy, properties of specific antibiotics, antibiotic prophylaxis, and the management of specific conditions and infections. 2nd edition, 1999 published by the Ampath Trust of South Africa.
  • Guide to Pathogens and Antibiotic Treatment
    5 star rating Answers frequently asked questions about the significance of particular microbes and the use of antibiotics. Written for New Zealand Doctors.
  • The Handbook of Parenteral Drug Administration
    5 star rating A hyperlinked guide for hospital staff in the administration of parenteral medications with information on drugs, drug administration, adverse effects, drug delivery, and drug stability. James B. Carlton B.Pharm.
  • Australian Prescription Products Guide
    4 star rating REG Contains prescription product information, consumer medicine and reference information for all prescription items in Australia. Password is supplied without charge. Free registration.
  • Essential Medicines Library and WHO Model Formulary
    4 star rating Drug information that facilitates the selection of national essential medicines: summaries of relevant World Health Orgaization clinical guidelines,dosage form, rationale for inclusion in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines, systematic reviews, references, and cost information.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • Drug Digest
    5 star rating A noncommercial, evidence-based, consumer health and drug information site dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about drugs and treatment options. Express Scripts, Inc.
  • Fingertip Formulary - Healthplan Drug Coverage Index
    5 star rating Lists the details of health plan coverage for various drugs. Indicates health plan's preferred drug from drug classes.
  • Pharmacy Resources
    5 star rating Pharmacist and clinician drug prescribing resources that include calculators, drug tables, news items, and diagnositic tools. David McAuley, GlobalRPh Inc. .

Practice Guidelines / FAQs

Patient Education

  • Micromedex Medication Guide at Healthtouch
    5 star rating Patient-oriented monographs on prescription and over-the-counter medications which include indications and side effects. Medical Strategies, Inc. and Micromedex, Inc. .
  • PDR Family Guide To Prescription Drugs at HealthSquare
    4 star rating Monographs for more than 1,000 prescription medications that include dosing, side effects, and drug interactions. Medical Economics and .
  • Drug Database from PersonalMD
    3 star rating Patient oriented drug monographs that include uses, side effects, interactions with other drugs, precautions, storage, etc. Published by First DataBank, Inc. and presented online by, Inc. PDA version available.
  • Medscape DrugInfo
    3 star rating REG Users select generic, brand name, or disease condition. Drug indications, side effects, and precautions (not dosing) are offered. Free registration. This resource is from First DataBank, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Medscape.
  • Worst
    3 star rating REG A subscription service for The latest information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements: "do not use" warnings, "Myths About Generic Drugs", etc. Fee registration for full text. Free trial.
  • Drug InfoNet
    1 star rating Provides a directory of links to healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics for consumers and medical professionals. J.A. Little Publishing Co. Inc. .

Educational Materials

  • Drug Information Center at Illinois
    5 star rating Reviews of current prescription drug topics and controversies from the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois.
  • Mosby's Drug Consult
    5 star rating REG A renowned drug reference that offers online drug monographs, customizable patient information handouts, a powerful drug interaction tool, and cost comparison guides. Restricted registration or content areas. Subscription fee. Mosby, Inc.
  • Rxfiles Objective Comparisons for Optimal Drug Therapy
    5 star rating charts summarizing practical information on the optimal selection and use of medications.
  • 2002 Top 200 Prescriptions at Mosby's Drug Consult
    4 star rating Monographs that cover action, use, contraindications, interactions, toxicity, and dosing for the United States' most commonly prescribed drugs. Mosby, Inc.
  • AdvancePCS Clinical Formulary
    4 star rating Drug cost comparisons categorized by drug classes and therapeutic use. The drug information assists practitioners in selecting cost-effective drugs for their patients who have drug benefits administered through AdvancePCS.
  • Aetna U.S. Healthcare's Medication Formulary Guide
    4 star rating Provides information regarding medications covered under these benefit plans.
  • Drug Formulary at Med. College of Wisconsin
    4 star rating A searchable drug formulary database. The database includes cost comparisons and drug categories. See document disclaimer. Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation at
    4 star rating Provides details on FDA use-in-pregnancy ratings, study evidence of risk, breast feeding information, possible neonatal side effects, references, and links to related Web resources. Searchable.
  • Drug List
    4 star rating This "clinicians ultimate guide to drug therapy" offers dosing guidelines for a large number of medications. Conceived by a clinical pharmacist at the Detroit VA Medical Center.
  • Mosby's Drug Consult
    4 star rating REG A compilation of current, complete monographs on prescription pharmaceuticals. Includes FDA-approved labeling for each generic drug supplemented by data from standard pharmacology texts and peer-reviewed medical journals. Free access, for registered physicians, is provided by Merck's online clinical resource, Mosby Inc. Free registration.
  • Pharmaceutical Company Drug Monographs from DIT
    4 star rating A directory of Full-text drug monographs from manufacturers for most commonly prescribed drugs. Drug Information Technologies, Inc.
  • RxList Internet Drug Index
    4 star rating Search access to an index of drug fact sheets. Includes indications, dosing, adverse affects, and contraindications for 75% of commonly prescribed drugs. Inc.
  • South African Electronic Package Inserts
    4 star rating Offers drug indications, contra-indications, dosage, side-effects, and overdosage management for the medical community of South Africa. Marland Holderness .
  • Australian Prescription Products Guide
    3 star rating REG A search interface to a comprehensive set of monographs for drug dosing, indications, use in pregnancy, adverse reactions, etc. Free registration. Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company.
  • British National Formulary
    3 star rating A browsable and searchable directory of drug categories and drug monographs used in patient care in the UK. Includes cautions, indications, and dosing.
  • Wheeless Orthopaedics Medication Menu
    3 star rating Offers hyperlinked content on conditions, dosing, and point of care concerns for a categorized list of common medications used in medical and orthopedic practice. Electronic references. C.R. Wheeless MD.
  • Gold Standard Clinical Pharmacology
    2 star rating REG A fee registration web project which provides up-to-date, peer reviewed, clinically-relevant information on all U.S. drugs: disease categorized dosing, mechanisms of action, patient education documents, indications, contraindications, drug interactions, adverse reactions, a cost index, drug identification and a classification overview. Fee registration. Gold Standard Multimedia, Inc.
  • NeedyMeds
    2 star rating A directory of pharmaceutical company programs that provide discounted and free medicine to assist patients with limited budgets. NeedyMeds and Pediatrics for Parents, Inc. .
  • Pharmacists Letter
    2 star rating REG A subscription service for pharmacists covering new developments in drug therapy, and trends in pharmacy practice. Pharmacist's Letter started in 1985 and currently serves most pharmacists in the United States and Canada. The service consists of a monthly letter, plus Detail-Documents available 24 hours a day. Fee registration. Subscription fee.
  • Physicians' Drug Resource On-Line from Nat. Med. Soc.
    2 star rating REG A complete text guide to prescription drugs from A to Z in Adobe Acrobat format. Includes generic and trade names, category, dosing, and dosage forms. Fee registration. Subscription fee. CCS Publishing and the National Medical Society.
  • Prescriber's Letter
    2 star rating REG A subscription service for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other prescribers covering new developments in drug therapy. Fee registration. Subscription fee.
  • Antimicrobial Agents, Costs, and Indications at Med College Wisconsin
    1 star rating An antibiotic drug formulary annotated with practical recommendations. Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Physicians Interactive Drug Database
    1 star rating REG Provides physicians with search access to drug facts linked to selected, peer-reviewed journal articles, a detailed drug interaction database, common diagnoses, medical texts, and clinical guidelines. Restricted registration or content areas. Subscription fee.
  • Raymot's International Generic-Trade Dictionary
    1 star rating Tables that provide trade-generic synonyms and foreign country alternate drug names. Brand names are from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa. Raymot.
  • TheraDoc Antibiotic Assistant from Merck
    1 star rating REG Provides clinicians an interface - a sequence of template questions and answers, that generates a patient-specific and disease-specific evidence-based antibiotic recommendation. Access to TheraDoc is provided to registered physician users of the MerckMedicus medical portal. Free registration. Merck & Co. Inc.


  • Pharmacy
    4 star rating A searchable library of Walgreens prescription and non-prescription drug and product information: price quotes, common uses, side effects, and visual representations of drugs. Walgreen Co. .
  • Formulary
    1 star rating REG A database of drug cost information presented by a national drug benefits management company. Lists cost relative to other drugs within product classes, text notes, formulary status, and generic availability. Restricted registration or content areas. Merck Medco Managed Care .

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