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  • Freida Fellowship and Residency Database
    4 star rating A database that contains information on approximately 7,500 graduate medical education programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Users define selection criteria to access program details. The resource also provides statistics that summarize training in specialties including work hours, work environment, and marketplace information for new physicians. American Medical Association.


  • Medical News Today - Medical Students News
    4 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • McGill University Medical Student Projects
    5 star rating A collection of online multimedia projects, created by medical students, that support medical school education. The collection includes image-enhanced teaching on anatomy, medical basic sciences, electrocardiology, electrolytes, embryology, etc. McGill University Molson Medical Informatics .
  • Medical School Course Materials at Florida
    5 star rating REG A comprehensive collection of text notes, PowerPoint slideshows, images, special projects for years 1 through 4 of medical school. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Medical School Materials at Utah
    5 star rating A collection of useful documents for medical school students supported by the Medical Student Informatics Group at the University of Utah: templates, tests, photo albums, lecture notes, etc.
  • Medical Student JAMA
    5 star rating Full text news, interactive communications, and multimedia presentations that provide medical students with resources relevant to their medical education. Medical Student Section of the American Medical Association.
  • Medical Teaching Lecture Notes at Sheffield University
    5 star rating Succinct outline format notes from teaching sessions in the medical school enhanced by pictures, graphics and sound.
  • Student British Medical Journal
    5 star rating Articles from medical students cover academic issues and the experiences of medical training. BMJ Publishing Group.
  • Student British Medical Journal Article Archives
    5 star rating Articles from medical students cover academic issues and the experiences of medical training. BMJ Publishing Group.
  • Study Stack Medical Games and Flashcards
    5 star rating Interactive "flashcards", "study stacks", "study tables", "matching", "Hangman games", and crossword puzzles contributed by participants which aid the student in the absorption of medical knowledge.
  • UK Medicine Exam Preparation Test Questions
    5 star rating An archive of PLAB, MRCP, and FRCR exam questions and answers on internal medicine, pediatrics, and radiology topics. Assists the user in passing physician licensure exams in the United Kingdom.
  • Basic Sciences PowerPoint Subjects
    4 star rating A collection of medical student oriented Powerpoint and Microsoft Word documents on core medical topics. University of Kanasas, CDC, and others.
  • Flash Card Exchange - United States Medical Licensing Exam
    4 star rating Reviews of clinical topics with "clickable" questions and answers. The "flashcards" are posted by worldwide medical students as study tools.
    4 star rating Chronicles of medical students' lives - their thoughts, feelings, loves, and pain as they experience medical school training.
  • Student Doctor Network
    4 star rating The "real story" about medical and dental school from a network of medical student authors. The resource includes student forums, medical student diaries, surveys, and a guide to med school. SDN Communications, Inc.
  • Top Schools in Medicine
    4 star rating School ranks, admissions contact information, application statistics, acceptance rate, MCAT scores, tuition expenses, and location maps. U.S.News & World Report Inc. .
  • Columbia School of Medicine Class of 2006
    3 star rating Oncology charts, drug charts, pathophysiology notes, a pathology atlas, study guides, past exams, etc.
  • Medical School Pimp
    3 star rating Fill-in questions and interactive answers on important medical school topics.
  • Stanford MedWorld Medical Student Web Project
    2 star rating Provides global medical students with original articles and Internet links that enhance the medical training process.
  • Princeton Review Med School Guide
    1 star rating Articles on studying medicine, the admissions process, financing, etc. Includes a searchable database for medical schools that includes an overview, academics, student life, etc. Princeton Review Publishing L.L.C.



  • Medical School Notes of Dr. McEvoy
    5 star rating Notes amassed by a physician during his clinical training at medical school. The pages are designed to serve as an academic resource for medical students. Dr Charles McEvoy practices in the United Kingdom.
  • Emergency Clinical Guide from Dr. Anisman
    5 star rating Succinct topic-oriented notes that offers a guide to clinical care for fellow medical students; covers clinical conditions, data interpretation, exam skills, and survival skills. Steve Anisman, University of Vermont College of Medicine .
  • Medicine Clerkship Notes at Chicago
    5 star rating Handouts that UC faculty members have made over the last couple of years. The handouts vary in quality and completeness. The University of Chicago Pritzger School of Medicine.
  • Diary of a Third Year Medical Student
    4 star rating Personal notes, from a graduate of Tufts University Medical School, that offer emotionally powerful snippets and images- a reflection of the author's life and mind during this critical period of medical education.
  • House Officer's Survival Guide: Rules, Laws, and Lists
    4 star rating Complete published text that offers a practical guide to physician training. Covers useful mnemonics, occupational hazards, medical ethics, law vs. medicine, rules on oxygen therapy, etc. Lakeside Press, 1996.
  • The Nerd's Guide to Pre-Rounding
    4 star rating Written by a USCF medical student, this online handbook covers items such as 'Warning: Career Ahead", "Gear Down: White Coats, Stethoscopes, and Other Fashion Accessories", etc.
  • Resident Medical Officer's Online Handbook
    3 star rating Hypertext learning modules funded under a "provider development programme" to enhance patient care. Ministry of Health of New Zealand .
  • Medical School Teaching Modules at Vermont
    3 star rating Text and graphic educational materials in various disciplines of medical school. Includes anatomy, neuroscience, pharmacology, and physiology. Pathology Computer Assisted Teaching System at the University of Vermont.
  • Medicine Hypertext of Focosi
    3 star rating Personal notes with outline, hyperlinked text on molecular physiology, Homo sapiens diseases, Molecular physiology, cell biology, genetics, bacteria, Homo sapiens molecular nosology, aetiological classification, pathogenetic classification, etc. Collected by Daniele Focosi, a medical student in Italy.
  • Temple University Pathophysiology Notes
    3 star rating Medical school coursework outline notes that present a comprehensive review of clinical medicine. Temple University School of Medicine.
  • Virtual Campus Guide to Graduate Medicine Programs
    3 star rating Provides a searchable encyclopedia of information pages regarding institutions that provide graduate study in medicine and related fields. Describes the program of study, research facilities, financial aid, cost of study, and up-to-date contact information. Peterson's.
  • Medical School Study Notes from Dr. Hari
    1 star rating Outline notes developed to assist in preparation for a major medical school exam. Covers general surgery, medicine, orthopedics, symptoms, and paediatrics. Dr. Hari, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • RxPG Medical Students Online
    5 star rating A online community for medical students on the web with forums for discussions about exams, mock tests, medical downloads, medical links, rapid notes and study resources in this site.
    3 star rating A website, sponsored by the American Medical Association, that offers links to books and resources for succeeding in medical school, online resources about residency and training programs, and tips on financing medical education.
  • Kaplan Medical Test Preparation Courses
    3 star rating This commercial service sponsors online information about the US medical licensing examination, disease flash cards, and online interactive test prep questions and answers. Requires free registration.
  • Saudi Medical Site
    3 star rating REG A portal for Saudi Arabian medical practitioners that includes 100s of downloadable, specialty-categorized medical school lectures. The site's Interactive forums present clinical topics, medical news, conference updates, quizzes, old exams, lectures, tutorials, and cases of the Week. Free registration. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Medical Education & Licensing Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Medical Student Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • National Resident Matching Program
    2 star rating A guide to this program which conducts a residency match for rank ordered choices of students and program directors.
  • World Health Medical School
    2 star rating Streaming audio and online electronic flashcards that teach medical lessons.
  • American Medical Student Association
    1 star rating National organization for medical students, pre-medical students, interns and residents. Site contains news, and contacts for advocacy and mailing lists. American Medical Student Association.
  • Electronic Residency Application Service
    1 star rating ERAS is a service which transmits residency applications, and supporting credentials from medical schools to residency program directors using the Internet. Association of American Medical Colleges.
  • ResidentWeb
    1 star rating REG Contains resources and services to assist residents in their training. Includes discussion groups, pearls, and fellowship and residency searching. Free registration.

Images, Path./Clinical

  • Merck Manual Photographs
    5 star rating A collection of core clinical practice images that enhance the most popular medical textbook.


  • Expert Preceptor Interactive Curriculum CME
    4 star rating Ten on-line learning modules that cover clinical teaching for community practitioners who serve as preceptors to health professions students Continuing education credit is awarded. University of North Carolina School of Medicine.


Educational Materials

  • Medical Student Project at Texas / Houston
    5 star rating First and second year medical school lecture notes compiled as part of a web project to support University of Texas at Houston student education. Many documents are in MS Word format.
  • Medical Study Guides Page
    5 star rating Outlines of classes in the basic medical sciences that assist students in reviewing for USMLE Step I and other exams in medical school basic sciences. Copyright 1997, Scott Goodman.
  • Guntur Medical College Students Corner
    4 star rating Study materials and lists that provide points to remember for United Kingdom "MCQ" medical qualification exams.
  • GWU School of Medicine Medical Student Lecture Notes
    4 star rating Notes and study aids from medical school lectures at the George Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Medical Grand Rounds Webcasts at Miami
    4 star rating The University of Miami School of Medicine regularly sponsors Grand Rounds lectures. The lectures provide webcasts of programs for viewing on the world wide web. Invited speakers address the wide spectrum of specialities and subspecialities and often introduce new and interesting developments.
  • Medical Students' Retreat Page
    4 star rating An Australian medical student's notes on gross anatomy, visceral anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, ansd embryology.
    4 star rating A free database of medical mnemonics to help students of health-related professions remember important clinical details.
  • USMLE Medical Test Questions at GWU School of Medicine
    4 star rating Released questions, answers, and software maintained by the George Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Flash Card Exchange - Medicine
    3 star rating Flashcards are study tools. Think of a small 3&#D7;5 index card with a question on one side and an answer on the other side. This web site is an internet application where users create, study, print and download flashcards. Flash Cards are available in pharmacology, nursing, radiology, microbiology, neuroscience, parasitology, pathology, genetics, etc.
  • NetNote
    3 star rating Presents a template for H&Ps, along with active checklists, and definitions of over 3,500 findings.
  • Tutorials Online at Tasmania
    3 star rating Description text and slideshows in powerpoint or PDF file formats on clinical topics. Dr Patrick W Kerrisk of the University of Tasmania.
  • Medical Education Meets the Marketplace
    2 star rating In October 1999, the New York Academy of Sciences organized a conference to examine the future of medical education and its financing. These are the full proceedings of that conference. The New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Princeton USMLE Review Site
    2 star rating This test preparation commercial service offers online visitors a free interactive USMLE-type (medical licensing) test.


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