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  • Spellex Medical Spell Checker
    3 star rating Users enter words into the search window. The service offers possible corrections from a dictionary of thousands of medical words covering over 50 medical specialties. Spellex Corporation .

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Medicine in Quotations Online from ACP-ASIM
    5 star rating Paragraph length descriptions of the historic origin of medical terms. This resource offers over 3000 entries that include the subject of the term, the author, and a reference for the term's original source. These quotations are a valuable resource for students of medical history, writers, and speakers. Presented by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine. American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.
  • from SDL International
    4 star rating An easy-to-use site for rapid translations where you can get the "gist" of foreign language text and web pages. Translates from French, Spanish and German into English, and from English into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian. SDL International, Inc. .
  • Medical Dictionary Database
    3 star rating A searchable dictionary that contains terms relating to medicine and related fields. It includes acronyms, jargon, theory, conventions, standards, institutions, projects, eponyms, and history. Presented online by
  • Medslides Powerpoint Slideshows
    3 star rating A collection of slideshows authored by medical faculty and clinicians.


Major Sites / Home Pages


  • MT Medical Transcription Desk
    2 star rating This medical transcription and terminology site offers weekly updates of new medical and surgical terms, a medical dictionary, an A-Z index of terminology, and sample operative reports.

Educational Materials

  • Medical Forms at Indian Health Service
    5 star rating Alphabetical listing of standard medical forms, templates, discharge instructions, flow sheets, plus more. All available online and for free.
  • Rick's Medical Forms
    5 star rating Templates and forms useful for clinical assessment.
  • NLM Recommendations for Internet Bibliographic Citation
    4 star rating Guidelines provided by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). This PDF document provides sample citations illustrating recommendations. National Library of Medicine.
  • Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms from U. Gent
    3 star rating Translation of 1,830 terms into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Heymann's Institute of Pharmacology.
  • Medical Eponyms
    3 star rating A survey of medical phenomena named for persons including biographies.
  • AccessMedicine
    2 star rating REG An online reference for authoritative and current medical knowledge from internal medicine, cardiology, genetics, pharmacy, diagnosis and management, basic sciences, patient care, and more. The database contains the latest editions core medical titles from the AccessLange collection. Fee registration. Subscription fee.
  • Medical and Medicare Billing Claim Forms from Tricare
    2 star rating Electronic forms used by health care providers and beneficiaries for filing Medicare claim forms. PDF format.
  • Tabers Online Medical Dictionary
    2 star rating REG A reference for health care clinicians and students, first published in 1940, which offers full-text searching and hyperlinks to cross-references, illustrations, audio pronunciations, and tables. Fee registration. Subscription fee. Free trial. F. A. Davis Co.
  • Columbia Guide to Online Style
    1 star rating A guide to citation for electronically-accessed sources. Columbia University Press.
  • EDAcronym @ NCEMI
    1 star rating This abbreviation translator allows users to enter three letter abbreviations relevant to clinical medicine. The interface returns acronym definitions. National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics .
  • Handbook of Physician Office Letters
    1 star rating Downloadable excerpts from The Handbook of Physician Office Letters, an effective tool to make letter writing fast and easy. It has over 175 sample letters, including letters to patients, suppliers, insurance companies and hospitals.
  • Hosford Medical Terms Dictionary
    1 star rating A compressed downloadable file that offers a long list of medical terms to supplement a Microsoft Word 6.0/95 word processing spell check dictionary. It currently includes words used in the ICD-9, DRG, and the DSM-IV diagnoses codes. Shareware. Subscription fee. Darryl Hosford .
  • Medword Medical Transcription
    1 star rating A homepage for medical transcription professionals that includes a review of necessary skills, equipment, tools, sample medical transcription reports, transcription templates, drug lists, word lists, and a rare diseases list. Medword Medical Transcription.
  • MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources
    1 star rating Explains how to reference a web, telnet, email, or newsgroup source in a bibliography. From the print version of "The Columbia Guide to Online Style". J. Walker.

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