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  • Dermatology News at Doctor's Guide
    5 star rating Medical and pharmaceutical industry news, product announcements and research developments from conferences, journals, and newswires. PSL Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Dermatology Times
    5 star rating Articles covering current issues in Dermatology.
    5 star rating REG Provides regularly updated links to abstracts and, if available, free or fee access full text articles released at respected online sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine or the Journal of the American Medical Association. Presented as one of's suite of medical specialty news web sites. Free registration.
  • Medpage Today Medical News - Dermatology
    5 star rating Professional-level analysis of breaking medical stories widely reported in the consumer media. Physicians and other healthcare professionals obtain free CME credits by completing associated educational programs.
  • Skin & Allergy News
    4 star rating REG A clinical practice newsletter that presents dermatology and allergy news, meeting reports, commentaries, editorials, drug updates, and reviews of current literature. Free registration. The International Medical News Group.
  • Dermatology News from Online Medical News
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks to sites that offer specialty-related news for medical professionals and patients.
  • Science Daily News - Dermatology
    3 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Science Daily News - Skin Disorders
    3 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Dermatology News
    3 star rating News stories emerging on the Internet from online newspapers and magazines.
  • Dermatology at
    2 star rating A directory of headline weblinks to US newspaper articles on Dermatology.
  • Dermatology Daily Science News Updates from BrightSurf
    2 star rating A directory of news stories and press releases about scientific events and discoveries. Includes annotated links for additional background material. Updated daily.
  • Internal Medicine World Report - Dermatology
    2 star rating A clinical newspaper with updates from major medical conferences and peer-reviewed journals. Published by Medical World Communications.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • "Bites and Stings" Powerpoint Lectures
    5 star rating Powerpoint lectures from medical schools, medical societies, etc. collected by the Google search service.
  • Best Practice of Medicine - Dermatology
    5 star rating REG A continuously updated reference with articles on dermatology disease topics that quickly answer questions of busy clinicians. Free registration. Praxis Press, Inc.
  • British Medical Journal Article Archives - Dermatology
    5 star rating A collection of full text, free access dermatology articles from the BMJ.
  • Cosmetic Surgery Times
    5 star rating Articles that focus on the cosmetic nature of plastic and dermatologic surgery practices. Covers laser surgery, hair restoration, maxillofacial surgery, and ocular plastic surgery. Published by Advanstar Communications Inc.
  • Dermatology Online Journal
    5 star rating Presents original articles, case reports, reviews, editorials, meetings and meeting abstracts and reports, treatment updates, RXDerm discussion archives, news and reports from the Internet Dermatology Society. Arthur C. Huntley, MD. School of Medicine, University of California at Davis.
  • Dermatology Video Lectures
    5 star rating Video Lectures offer an introduction to dermatology. Medical students, physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and the general public may find these lectures useful as a source of information and review.
  • Skin & Aging
    5 star rating Practical and clinical insight into today\s general dermatology issues. This award-winning publication offers dermatologists reader-friendly, timely and informative articles that highlight clinical and practice management advice that easily can be translated into current practice settings.
  • Skin Therapy Letter
    5 star rating The latest information on dermatologic therapy, new and existing drugs, drug interactions, adverse effects, clinical trials, and treatment advances reported at major dermatology meetings. International Skin Therapy Newsletter Inc., Vancouver.
  • World Wide Wounds
    5 star rating An Internet woundcare journal that serves as a resource for dressing materials and practical wound management information. Published by the Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory in association with the Medical Education Partnership.
  • British Journal of Dermatology
    4 star rating Publishes papers on all aspects of the biology and pathology of the skin. Selected Articles, July, 2003 to present.
  • Pediatric Dermatology Tutorial at San Diego
    4 star rating A web-based tutorial and image library which gives medical students and Pediatric Interns a rapid review of common Pediatric Dermatology. University of California, San Diego.
  • SKINmed
    4 star rating A peer reviewed outreach journal specifically written to be of interest to Dermatologists and serve as a teaching, didactic resource of clinical content for non-Dermatologists. Selected Articles, November 2002 to present
  • DermPathTutor at University of Iowa
    3 star rating A tutorial in dermatologic pathology which includes a large collection of images, tutorial on diagnostic techniques, and a dictionary. Dept. of Dermatology, University of Iowa College of Medicine .
  • DermWeb
    3 star rating A web project, from the University of British Columbia Division of Dermatology, that includes notes and images on the diagnosis and management of skin disorders.
  • Flash Card Exchange - Dermatology
    3 star rating Reviews of clinical topics with "clickable" questions and answers. The "flashcards" are posted by worldwide medical students as study tools.
  • Medslides Dermatology Powerpoint Slideshows
    3 star rating A collection of slideshows authored by medical faculty and clinicians.
  • The Skin Site
    3 star rating A commercial site that provides news and latest techniques in skin care, skin diseases, skin rejuvenation, and skin care products. Michelle Soignée, Inc.
  • Relata Technica
    2 star rating An electronic international journal on dermatopharmacological research, dermatopharmaceutical technology and related cosmetic subjects. Publishes original articles, editorials, comments. Includes a skin atlas and dermatology related links. Edited by Giorgio Rialdi, Vevy Europe, Italy.
  • Alaskan Community Health Aid Manual
    1 star rating Covers the patient history, examination, assessment and instructions for care of burns, cold injuries and other wounds. Alaska Telemedicine Working Group Skin and Soft Tissue Section. Internet Dermatology Society.
  • Dermatology Laboratory Tests
    1 star rating Provides up-to-date information on rarely ordered and difficult to obtain diagnostic tests for skin diseases. Includes registries for epidermolysis bullosa, ichthyiosis bullosa, scleroderma, and lymphomatoid papulosis. Searchable. Department of Dermatology, University of Rochester Medical Center.
  • The Language of Dermatology
    1 star rating A learning module with a self-assessment quiz. Includes terminology with definition, images, and bibliography. Searchable. University of Washington, Seattle.



  • Clinical Dermatology: A Manual of Differential Diagnosis
    5 star rating A working and study aid for health care professionals who deal with skin disease. Stanferd L. Kusch, M.D.
  • Dermatologic Curriculum for Medical Students
    5 star rating A student textbook that covers basic science and clinical aspects of dermatology relevant to medical students Sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology and the Association of Professors of Dermatology.
  • Dermatology - Family Practice Notebook
    5 star rating A section from an ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice. Family Practice Notebook, LLC.
  • DermNet
    5 star rating Information for general practitioners and dermatogists including text and images on more than 250 skin conditions and treatments. New Zealand Dermatological Society.
  • eMedicine Dermatology Online Textbook
    5 star rating Includes disease synopses that present clinical and physical findings, pathophysiology, symptoms, images, differential diagnosis considerations, recommended tests, and treatments. Emedicine, Inc.
  • Medical Housestaff Manual at Beth Israel - Dermatology
    5 star rating A section from a succinct and useful reference, updated for the year 2000, for major Dermatology clinical problems. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy: Dermatologic Disorders
    5 star rating A hypertext presentation of the world's most widely read medical textbook. This chapter covers the etiology, symptoms, laboratory tests, diagnosis, and treatment of the most common skin diseases. Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Military Dermatology: Disease and the Environment
    5 star rating Text notes and images about skin diseases associated with military operations such as cold-induced injury, contact dermatitis, cutaneous trauma, etc. PDF files. Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  • Principles of Pediatric Dermatology
    5 star rating An image-enhanced "ebook" that offers brief knowledge on common pediatric skin diseases and incudes coverage of rare genetic dermatoses and chronic skin diseases of childhood. Authored by Dr. Mahmoud Hijazy, Consultant Dermatologist & Venerologist of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia of Dermatology
    5 star rating Chapters include "An Introduction to skin", "Pruritus", "Eczema", "Psoriasis", etc. Dr. Peivand Pirouzi, Ph.D. & Dr. M.A. Pirouzi, M.D.
  • University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook - Dermatology
    5 star rating A chapter, from this handbook of outpatient and inpatient medicine, that covers the diagnosis and treatment of common clinical problems. Authored by Graber, M.D. et al. and published by Mosby Year Book, Inc in 1997. Presented online by the University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital.
  • Canadian Medical Examination (MCCQE) 2000 Review Notes- Dermatology
    4 star rating These review notes are an up-to-date, concise and comprehensive review of medical specialty clinical knowledge. The text prepares graduating medical students for certification examination.
  • Online Training Manual
    4 star rating Covers assessment, nutrition, assessment, and documentation of skin ulcers: pressure ulcers, vascular wounds, venous wounds, arterial wounds, and neuropathic wounds. Hyperion Medical, Inc.
  • The Textbook of Military Medicine - Dermatology
    4 star rating A dermatology chapter from a comprehensive, multivolume treatise on the art and science of military medicine that focuses on lessons learned from past wars. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This chapter was published in 1994 under the aegis of The Surgeon General and the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School.
  • The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology
    3 star rating Includes chapters on common skin diseases, emergencies, radiation effects, sun damage, topical therapeutics, drug reactions, laboratory exams, signs of systemic disease, botanical dermatology, terminology, etc. The Internet Dermatology Society.
  • Handbook of Dermatology & Venereology
    1 star rating Covers the most common dermatologic and STD diseases such as pruritus, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, urticaria, syphilis. Includes chapters on basic pharmacology, topical preparations and normal laboratory values. 1997 Edition. Social Hygiene Service, Hong Kong.
  • Management of Skin Diseases in the Tropics
    1 star rating An overview of dermatologic care of dermatologic conditions with a focus on specific tropical diseases. Developed by the U.S. Army. PDF format. Updated 31 Oct 1977.

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • American Academy of Dermatology
    5 star rating The website for the world's largest medical society which represents physicians specializing in the treatment of conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. Presents information about the Academy, membership information, news, meeting announcements, CME courses, employment opportunities, professional dermatology links and resources, a "Find a Dermatologist" section, and consumer-oriented reviews of dermatologic conditions for adults and children.
  • Dermatology at
    5 star rating Selected weblinks to free, high quality, full text resources relevant to this specialty: clinical textbooks, news, and journal articles. Sponsored by Merck and Company.
  • New Zealand Dermatological Society DermNet
    5 star rating Dermnet offers information for general practitioners and dermatogists: CME lectures, quizzes, and text and images on more than 250 skin conditions and treatments. Searchable.
  • American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
    4 star rating REG ASDS was founded in 1970 to promote excellence in the subspecialty of surgical, reconstructive and cosmetic dermatologic surgery and foster the highest standards of patient care. The Society is the largest specialty group in dermatology and represents approximately 2,500 members. This website presents membership information, specialty news and developments, CME courses, research grants, patient information with an overview of surgical procedures and treatments, and a "Find a Derm Surgeon" section. Restricted registration or content areas.
  • Derm101
    4 star rating REG Content includes clues to diagnosis in dermatopathology, clinical case studies, clinical images, cases, a video lecture library, and Illustrated lectures on a variety of skin diseases. Fee registration.
  • National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
    4 star rating A homepage for this NIH agency with information on the causes, treatment, and prevention of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases, the training of basic and clinical scientists to carry out this research, and the dissemination of information on research progress in these diseases.
  • American Society of Dermatology
    2 star rating Includes information about the Society, membership forum, reports of current activities, a newsletter, meetings, professional problems and solutions, government issues, links to favorite websites.
  • Dermatology Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • European Society for Dermatological Research
    2 star rating ESDR's website presents information about the Society, news, meetings, related links. Access to some areas restricted to members.
  • European Society of Contact Dermatitis
    2 star rating Membership information, news, reports, and meetings updates. Presents a concise description of different types of contact dermatitis and patch testing.
  • Society for Investigative Dermatology
    2 star rating Membership information, news, programs & services, meetings, placement service, funding opportunities, access to abstracts and TOCs of The Journal of Investigative Dermatology.
  • The Internet Dermatology Society
    2 star rating Offers collection of links to the major dermatology related resources and web sites. Internet Dermatology Society.


Practice Guidelines / FAQs


Images, Path./Clinical

  • Dermatology Online Atlas from Dermis
    5 star rating More than 3000 high quality images of more than 600 dermatological diagnoses and differential diagnoses, morphological features of images, direct links to differential diagnoses, and links to disease-related information in databases like Medline.
  • "Melanoma" Image Search at Google
    5 star rating Melanoma-related images retrieved by this Internet search engine.
  • An Atlas of Clinical Dermatology
    5 star rating This atlas of clinical dermatology is based on photographs taken by Niels K. Veien in a private practice of dermatology. Mads Nielsen programmed the data for internet use. The illustrations are intended for use in the teaching of dermatology, and the emphasis is on common skin diseases.
  • Atlas of Dermatology at Tunisia
    5 star rating Images posted to the Internet for the education of medical students and health professionals. Dr Mohamed Denguezli, Dermatology Service of Chu Farhat Hached Sousse, Tunisia.
  • DermAtlas Pediatric Dermatology Image Atlas at Johns Hopkins U.
    5 star rating An online pediatric dermatology digital image library that offers over 2030 images with descriptions of morphologic features and case discussions. Arranged alphabetically or by body part. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Dermatology Image Library
    5 star rating The library contains more than 8,000 pictures. Higher section numbers tend to exhibit more severe cases. Interactive Medical Media LLC.
  • Dermquest Dermatology Images and Resources
    5 star rating REG A library of dermatology clinical images and meeting coverage directed to dermatologists and residents in dermatology. 2000 Galderma S.A. Free registration.
  • Interactive Dermatology Atlas
    5 star rating Contains more than 1000 photographs from patient visits over the past two decades. Searches can be performed by diagnosis, lesion characteristics, patient demographics, and treatments. Each image and case is extensively cross-referenced to other images in the atlas.
  • American Osteopathic College of Dermatology Diseases and Images
    4 star rating A resource for dermatologic information which includes a database of diseases with photos. American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.
  • Before and After Photos of Dermatologic Surgery Procedures
    4 star rating American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
  • Dermatologic Image Database at University of Iowa
    4 star rating A large collection of photoimages of skin diseases arranged alphabetically by disease or condition. The resource provides links to genetics resources, histology, organizations, and other websites relevant to the displayed conditions. Dept. of Dermatology, University of Iowa.
  • Dermatology & Rheumatology On-line Atlas at Padova
    4 star rating A collection of cases with images and descriptions of cutaneous manifestations of rheumatic diseases such as psoriasis, systemic sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, vasculitis, etc. By Ricardo Rondinone, M.D. and Andrea Doria, M.D. Division of Rheumatology, University of Padova, Italy.
  • Dermatology Atlas of da Silva, M.D.
    4 star rating A directory of images of significant skin disorders presented by Samuel Freire da Silva, M.D., Brazil
  • Dermatology for Primary Care at UC San Diego
    4 star rating Homework reading assignments for a primary care clerkship that help medical students develop a basic understanding of selected cutaneous disorders, with an emphasis on generating a differential diagnosis. The School of Medicine of the University of California, San Diego.
  • Dermatology Glossary at UCSF
    4 star rating Common dermatology and dermatopathology terms and conditions: pathogenesis, histology, clinical presentation, and treatment/prognosis.
  • Dermatology Image Bank at University of Utah
    4 star rating Presents a large collection of photographs, images, and tables with brief annotations. Includes anatomy and physiology of the skin, anaphylaxis, neoplasms, infections, common lesions, procedures, hair, nails, wound healing, etc. Health Sciences Library, University of Utah .
  • Dermnet Dermatology Disease Photo Library
    4 star rating Dermatology picture sets of common pathologies. Interactive Medical Media LLC.
  • Multimedia Dermatology Course at Taipei
    4 star rating A collection of links to selected images of dermatologic conditions with notes on clinical features and management. Graduate Institute of Medical Informatics, Taipei Medical College .
  • Primary Care Dermatology Module at Wisconsin
    4 star rating A directory of lesion images and descriptions that emphasizes appropriate use of dermatologic nomenclature. Department of Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin.
  • Skin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas
    4 star rating Annotated images of common skin neoplasms. Loyola University Medical Education Network, Chicago.
  • The WWW Dermatology Database at Slovenia
    4 star rating High resolution images of common dermatologic conditions. Institute for Biomedical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia .
  • World of Dermatophytes Pictorial at Alberta
    4 star rating A pictorial guide to laboratory identification, colonial and microscopic morphology, and biochemical testing. Dr. Alfons L. Krol, University of Alberta, Canadian National Centre for Mycology.
  • "The Childs Doctor" Dermatology Quizzes
    3 star rating Pediatric dermatology image quizzes from the Children's Memorial Hospital journal- "The Childs Doctor".
  • Anatomy and Histology of Normal Skin
    3 star rating Presents description of skin structure and the components of the epidermis, dermis and skin appendages. Loyola University Medical Education Network, Chicago.
  • Childhood Skin Rash Pictures at Hardin MD
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks collected at Hardin MD at the University of Iowa.
  • Clinical Dermatology Photographic Collection of E. Tobinick M.D.
    3 star rating Collection of selected dermatology images. Edward Tobinick M.D.
  • Dermatology Atlas at Loyola University
    3 star rating Presents Atlas of Dermatology, a comprehensive image gallery. Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago.
  • Dermatology Image Database of Dr. Suzumura (Japan)
    3 star rating A searchable database that enables patients to access dermatology images.
  • Dermatopathology Quiz
    3 star rating Cases that include histopathology images, a brief clinical history, and possible differential diagnoses. Users are asked to decide on the diagnosis. Answers with Medline references are provided.
  • Atlas of Inflammatory Skin Diseases (Czeckoslavakia)
    1 star rating A collection of high resolution histological pictures of dermatologic pathology. Josef Feit, Hana Jedlickova, et al. of the University Hospital Brno.
  • Image.MD Dermatology Cancer Image Atlas
    1 star rating REG Images.MD offers a fee access section on skin tumor and melanoma album with hundreds of diseases and images. Incles sections on moles, classification, lectures, dermoscopy (epiluminescence microscopy), and statistics. Presented by Alfred W. Kopf MD, clinical professor of dermatology, at the New York University School of Medicine. Fee registration.


  • CMEList Online CME Sites - Dermatology
    5 star rating A searchable, well-annotated, and constantly-updated directory of web links to online CME opportunities. The directory entries include credit hours, sponsors, cost, lecture format, target audience, and accrediting organization. Bernard Sklar, MD, MS.
  • Medscape Dermatology CME/CE
    5 star rating REG A selection of free, continuously updated continuing education activities. Offers conference summaries, treatment updates, and printable CME certificates online. Free registration.
    4 star rating Slide-show lectures devoted to dermatology topics.
  • Congress Resource Centre-Dermatology
    3 star rating Presents a searchable list of dermatology related meetings and conferences with and extensive city guide. Allows searching by date, location, specialty, keywords. Doctor's Guide .
  • Dermatology Meetings and Calendar
    1 star rating A chronological list of selected dermatology related meetings and CME programs, 1999-2001. Dept. of Dermatology, University of Iowa College of Medicine .

Patient Education

  • AgingSkinNet
    4 star rating A patient education service providing information about the effects of aging, sun and environmental exposure on the skin, and available treatments. Presents basic facts and updates, Q&A, choosing a dermatologist section, reference links. American Academy of Dermatology.
  • American Academy of Dermatology Patient Information Pamphlets
    4 star rating AAD offers a collection of pamphlets for patients on dermatology topics: common skin diseases, skin cancers, viral diseases, sun protection, and skin reactions.
  • Ask NOAH About: Dermatology
    4 star rating A directory of weblinks to patient-oriented resources related to dermatology and skin diseases. The "New York Online Access to Health" is sponsored, in part, by the Metropolitan New York Library Council.
  • Skin Care
    4 star rating Provides patients with up-to-date information on the treatment and management of the most common disorders of the skin, such as melanoma, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. American Academy of Dermatology.
  • AcneNet
    3 star rating A comprehensive on-line acne information resource. Presents basic facts about acne; causes, prevention, treatments, and social impact. Includes a glossary, Q&A, and related links. American Academy of Dermatology and Roche Laboratories Inc.
  • Skin Cancer: Preventing America's Most Common Cancer from CDC
    3 star rating A fact sheet about healthy sun behaviors, risks, and cancer prevention education programs. The National Skin Cancer Prevention Education Program, CDC.
  • SkinCareGuide
    3 star rating Offers peer-reviewed content written by dermatologists. Currently offers three guides: Acne Guide, Rosacea Guide, and Psoriasis Guide. Other guides are "coming soon." Each guide includes clearly written descriptions of the condition and treatment options. Must select option of Physician or Patient, but material presented under each category is virtually the same. Recommended for the health consumer., Inc.


  • Dermatology Internet Resources Directory of Greece
    5 star rating A directory of Internet dermatology disease documents from the Hellenic Association of Dermatologists & Venereologists.
  • MedWeb Dermatology Diseases
    3 star rating An index of links to dermatology institutions and web documents. Searchable. Emory Health Sciences Center Library .
  • MedWeb Dermatology
    2 star rating Well-maintained links to guides, guidelines, sites, journals, images, societies & organizations, textbooks, CE and patient education sites, etc. Allows browsing and keyword sarching. Emory University Health Sciences Center Library.

Educational Materials

  • Lectures in Dermatology of New Zealand
    5 star rating Slideshows of coursework for general practitioners.
  • Melanoma/Sarcoma" Surgery Lecture at MedITAC
    5 star rating An archived slideshow lecture on a core topic in surgery practice. This program is part of an International telemedicine project sponsored by NASA and the Medical Informatics and Technology Applications Consortium. The presentation may require the RealPlayerG2 plugin. Harry, Bear, M.D., Division of Surgical Oncology 2/01.
  • DermPath Dermatology Pathology of India
    4 star rating Text and images of the normal histology of skin, inflammatory skin diseases, notes on gross examination of skin, specimen handling, etc.


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