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  • Cardiology News
    5 star rating An independent newspaper published monthly that reaches over 25,000 cardiovascular specialists.
  • Alerts, News & Press Releases from NHLBI
    5 star rating Alerts, reports of research, educational news, updates, and press releases, 1995-present. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIH.
  • Cardiovascular Disorders News at Doctor's Guide
    5 star rating Medical and pharmaceutical industry news, product announcements, and research developments. PSL Consulting Group, Inc.
    5 star rating REG Provides regularly updated links to abstracts and, if available, full text articles released at respected online sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine or the Journal of the American Medical Association. Presented as one of's suite of medical specialty news web sites. Free registration.
  • Medpage Today Medical News - Cardiology
    5 star rating Professional-level analysis of breaking medical stories widely reported in the consumer media. Physicians and other healthcare professionals obtain free CME credits by completing associated educational programs.
  • Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the AHA
    4 star rating Online abstracts of scientific papers presented at the American Heart Association's annual meeting. Print abstracts are published in "Circulation".
  • ACC Conference Reports
    4 star rating In-depth reports, and video interviews from the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions. Includes summaries of meeting presentations, speaker interviews, statements, analysis of study data, and panel discussions.
  • American Heart Association What's News
    4 star rating Organization news, press releases, comments, and science advisories.
  • Cardiology Today
    4 star rating REG Current news items about cardiology clinical practice issues and practice management, meetings & courses, professional marketplace, 1997-present. Searchable. Free registration. Slack Incorporated .
  • Internal Medicine World Report - Cardiology
    4 star rating A clinical newspaper with updates from major medical conferences and peer-reviewed journals. Published by Medical World Communications.
  • Medical News Today - Cardiovascular / Cardiology News
    4 star rating The latest medical and health news headlines directed to an international audience of health professionals. Includes articles and reports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology developments.
  • Cardiology at
    3 star rating A directory of headline weblinks to US newspaper articles on Cardiology.
  • Cardiology News from Online Medical News
    3 star rating A directory of weblinks to sites that offer specialty-related news for medical professionals and patients.
  • Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disorders at Yahoo
    3 star rating Constantly updated news stories for a consumer audience collected from the BBC, Healthscout, Reuters, UniSci, and other news wires.
  • Heart Diseases at
    3 star rating A directory of headline weblinks to US newspaper articles on heart diseases.
  • Science Daily News - Cardiology
    3 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Science Daily News - Cardiovascular Disorders
    3 star rating News releases regarding medical research developments from universities, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and other scientific institutions. These announcements present new discoveries in therapeutics and disease management. ScienceDaily Magazine.
  • Cardiology News
    3 star rating News stories emerging on the Internet from online newspapers and magazines.
  • Heart Updates from USA Today
    2 star rating Collection of daily and archived news related to heart, heart diseases, and other health topics. Searchable. USA Today, Health Section.
  • Journal Watch Cardiology
    2 star rating REG Includes summaries of the most important research reports appearing in medical lierature. Allows keyword searching and browsing through the archives of Journal Watch and Journal Watch for Cardiology. Fee registration. Free trial. Massachusetts Medical Society.
  • MedWire News - Cardiology
    2 star rating REG The latest, most important findings in the fast-moving world of medical research and clinical trials from scans of the world's leading journals. Free registration.

Full Text / MultiMedia

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes at Emedicine
    5 star rating REG An article on cardiovascular diseases in which coronary thrombosis is the principal common feature, encompassing acute myocardial infarction, non-Q-wave myocardial infarction and unstable angina. Free registration.
  • American Heart Journal
    5 star rating REG Primary investigations and scholarly reviews concerning the practice and economics of cardiovascular medicine. Selected full text articles, 1997-present. Free registration. Mosby Inc. and Medscape .
  • Cardiology Online
    5 star rating Articles that advance global research in cardiovascular medicine and present findings from scientific meetings. This website inks to numerous groups, journals and books in cardiology. The International Academy of Cardiology.
    5 star rating A learning experience for health care students: mulitimedia reviews of coronary angiography,cardiac auscultation, with a cardiology quiz.
  • Cardiovascular System Computer Simulation Program
    5 star rating Enables students to experiment with blood pressure regulation. Users enter variables for interventions such as the simulation of heart failure, hypertension, renal failure, exceptional blood loss, selective venous constriction, and selective arterial constriction. R. Min et al, University of Twente.
  • Current Controlled Trials in Cardiovascular Medicine
    5 star rating Publishes research articles of exceptional interest in all aspects of clinical trials in cardiovascular medicine. The journal also regularly publishes reviews and commentaries on topics related to this research.
  • Exam of the Heart
    5 star rating A physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care professionals. UCSD School of Medicine.
  • Heart and Lung Multimedia from Internet Continuing Education Services
    5 star rating Online education modules, directed to medical professionals, with animations, sound files, and succint text, on the clinical interpretation of the EKG, heart sounds, and lung sounds.
  • Heart Sounds and Murmurs Audio Files at Synapse
    5 star rating Audio files of normal heart sounds, murmurs, mitral stenosis, mitral prolapse, aortic regurgitation, etc. Synapse Publishing Inc.
  • Online Journal of Cardiology
    5 star rating Teaching modules that include an EKG encyclopedia, nuclear and X-ray images, teaching videos, peer reviewed articles, and case reports. Molson Medical Informatics, McGill University.
  • Perspectives in Cardiology
    5 star rating Published nationally 10 times a year, provides review articles on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Its audience includes nephrologists, internists and cardiologists, as well as general and family practitioners.
  • Texas Heart Institute Journal
    5 star rating Original laboratory and clinical investigative reports in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery: "how-to" articles, experiences with pharmaceutical or surgical products, subject reviews, and case reports.
  • The Electric Heart at Nova Online
    5 star rating This interactive site features a virtual environment for heart transplant surgery, a map of the human heart, an animation of the beating heart, and an overview of heart diseases. The Shockwave plugin is required. PBS Public Broadcasting Service.
  • Medical Education
    5 star rating Lectures focusing on cardiac conditions and coronary syndromes. Sponsored by Duke University School of Medicine.
  • Vascular Disease Management
    5 star rating A publication designed for professionals in the peripheral interventional field: invasive cardiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional neurologists, interventional radiologists, as well as nephrologists and endocrinologists.
    4 star rating REG A free registration, professional-level online project that offers meeting reports, case studies, online events, study slides, audio commentary, and literature citations to advance understanding of atherothrombosis. Free registration.
  • Best Practice of Medicine - Cardiology
    4 star rating REG Continuously updated reference articles on cardiology disease topics designed to quickly answer the questions of busy clinicians. Fee registration. Free trial. Praxis Press, Inc.
  • Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa
    4 star rating The official journal for Southern Africa Cardiac Society and the South African Society of Cardiac Practitioners. Clinics Cardive Publishing Company(South Africa).
  • Flash Card Exchange - Cardiology
    4 star rating Reviews of clinical topics with "clickable" questions and answers. The "flashcards" are posted by worldwide medical students as study tools.
  • Framingham Heart Study
    4 star rating A National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute study that has identified the factors that contribute to coronary vascular disease. This homepage describes the study's design, objectives, research milestones, procedures, and ancillary studies.
  • Heart
    4 star rating Free full text journal articles made available by the publisher. Change the year in the search window for alternate years. British Cardiac Society.
  • HyperHeart at University of Utah
    4 star rating An interactive tutorial that details blood flow, aortic/ventricular volumes and pressures, electrocardiogram findings, and heart sounds of the normal cardiac cycle. Pharmacology Department, University of Utah. .
  • Indian Journal of Cardiology
    4 star rating Articles dedicated to updating practising physicians and cardiologists regarding basic sciences and recent advances in the field of cardiology. Free access to full text, 1998-1999. Official publication of Indian Society of Cardiology.
  • Japanese Heart Journal
    4 star rating Manuscripts reporting original work in the fields of clinical or experimental cardiovascular research, case reports, letters and all other editorial communications. Published bimonthly by Japanese Heart Journal Association.
  • NetPharmacology at University of Utah
    4 star rating A collection of web-based hypertext multimedia materials used to teach cardiovascular pharmacology at the University of Utah. Cover antianginals, antiarrhythmics, calcium-channel blockers, inotropic drugs. Each description includes a history of the drug, its pharmacology, classification, and therapeutic rationale. Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Utah.
  • Pediatric Cardiology for Medical Professionals at Rush
    4 star rating Medical school multimedia files, illustrated coursework, and text notes on embryology, examination, physiology, heart murmurs, pathology, congenital heart disease, electrocardiography, pharmacology, arrhythmias, and imaging. Rush Children's Heart Center.
  • Polish Heart Journal
    4 star rating An official, peer-reviewed journal of the Polish Cardiac Society. The journal welcomes original papers, short communications, invited review articles, case reports, and letters to the Editor in clinical and experimental cardiology.
  • Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
    4 star rating Free full text journal articles on cardiovascular topics.
  • The Heart Surgery Forum
    4 star rating A cardiothoracic multimedia journal which provides information on common cardiovascular diseases and procedures including bypass surgery, coronary angiography, mitral valve prolapse, and transmyocardial revascularization. Official publication of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Multimedia Publishing, LLC. .
  • Bethesda Conference Documents
    3 star rating Abstracts and full text of the annual consensus conference reports of the American College of Cardiology. Includes recommendations and statements related to practice of cardiovascular medicine, such as future of academic cardiology, ethics in cardiovascular medicine, cardiac transplantation, practice guidelines and the quality of care. Searchable. American College of Cardiology.
  • Journal of Invasive Cardiology
    3 star rating REG Publishes original research, case studies, editorials and reviews on issues relevant to practice of cardiology, including techniques, interventions, catheterization, electrical abnormalities, and effective management of patients following intervention. Selected full text. Official journal of the International Andreas Gruentzig Society. Free registration. Health Management Publications, Inc. and Medscape.
  • Medslides Cardiology Powerpoint Slideshows
    3 star rating A collection of slideshows authored by medical faculty and clinicians.
  • The Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
    3 star rating A textbook which provides in-depth coverage of normal and pathologic cardiovascular circulation. Presents a hydraulic model of heart circulation and considerations in the use of mechanical pumps in heart surgery. Robert M. Anderson, MD.
    3 star rating REG A large collection of original materials that present current and relevant research and new medical techniques for cardiology professionals, medical librarians, media and patients. Includes multimedia slide shows, news, and abstracted articles. Restricted registration or content areas. Conceptis Technologies Inc.
  • ASH Annual Meeting Symposia Highlights
    2 star rating Includes full text of selected presentations on blood pressure control and monitoring. American Society of Hypertension.
  • World Heart Federation Heartbeat
    2 star rating Short articles, reports of WHF activities, details on forthcoming meetings, and national and international congresses.
    1 star rating REG The online technical resource for cardiology professionals. Presents short articles on cardiac imaging and diagnostic products, case studies, IT solutions, and training courses. Free registration. General Electric Company.
  • Interventional Cardiology Information at St. Agnes
    1 star rating Labelled diagrams present coronary vasculature from the angles used by the cath lab fluoroscope. Outline text notes cover implantable defibrillators, radiogrequency ablation, and ACC indications for cardiac catheterization. St. Agnes HealthCare .
  • The Human Cardiovascular System at Britannica
    1 star rating REG A concise, illustrated description of the human cardiovascular system. Provides search and browse access to encyclopedic coverage of anatomy and physiology that includes Frank Netter's classic illustrations, text, and bibliography. Fee registration. Encyclopaedia Britannica.



  • Air Heart Cardiology Reference
    5 star rating A physician-authored cardiology reference designed to support handheld computer use for physicians: weblinks to Medline abstracts, core reading for medical students, and a clinical practice notebook with outline text notes. The website is sponsored by Air Heart- a handheld education service. It is edited by Donald L. Vine MD, Professor of Medicine, The University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita.
  • Braunwald Atlas of Heart Diseases
    5 star rating REG Provides a detailed and comprehensive visual exposition of cardiovascular medicine with text, references, hypertext links, and several thousand images and detailed captions. Editor: Eugene Braunwald, M.D. Free registration. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
  • Cardiovascular Medicine - Family Practice Notebook
    5 star rating A section from an ongoing compendium of the diagnosis and management of common medical problems seen in Family Practice. Family Practice Notebook, LLC.
  • eMedicine - Cardiology
    5 star rating Constantly-updated and carefully-edited online multimedia textbooks in various specialties. This web project presents disease synopses with clinical and physical findings, etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, differential diagnosis, and treatment options. Emedicine offers post-tests for CME credit; a typical fee is $7.50 per credit hour. Emedicine, Inc. Fee registration.
  • Medical Housestaff Manual at Beth Israel - Cardiology
    5 star rating A section from a succinct and useful reference, updated for the year 2000, for major Cardiology clinical problems encountered in the hospital. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy: Cardiovascular Disorders
    5 star rating A hypertext presentation of the world's most popular medical textbook which covers the classification, etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, signs, diagnosis, laboratory tests, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders such as arteriosclerosis, heart failure, and endocarditis. Searchable. Merck & Co., Inc.
  • University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook - Cardiology
    5 star rating A chapter, from this published handbook of outpatient and inpatient medicine, that covers the diagnosis and treatment of common clinical problems. Authored by Graber, M.D. et al. and published by Mosby Year Book, Inc in 1997. Presented online by the University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital.
  • Canadian Medical Examination (MCCQE) 2000 Review Notes- Cardiology
    4 star rating These review notes are an up-to-date, concise and comprehensive review of medical specialty clinical knowledge. The text prepares graduating medical students for certification examination.
  • Yale Heart Book
    4 star rating A comprehensive textbook that offers reliable information on cardiovascular diseases and risk factors, the role of cholesterol, heart disease symtoms, coronary artery disease, hypertension, cardiovascular drugs, etc. In Adobe Acrobat PDF. Yale University School of Medicine.
  • CHORUS - Cardiovascular System
    3 star rating The "Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology" provides concise descriptions of anatomy, physiology, etiology, radiologic findings, and differential diagnosis for diseases of the cardiovascular system. Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • The Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
    1 star rating Covers normal circulation, pathologic circulation, heart surgery, a hydraulic model of the cardiovascular system. Originally published in 1993. Robert M. Anderson, M.D. of the University of Arizona

Major Sites / Home Pages

  • American College of Cardiology
    5 star rating REG A professional association that supports optimal cardiovascular care with more than 26,000 cardiologists from the U.S. and around the world. The ACC website provides information about the College, publications, programs, meeting updates, clinical statements, guidelines, CME, career opportunities, practice management resources, news, journals, patient education resources, and a cardiovascular data registry. Some areas restricted to members. Free registration.
  • Cardiology at
    5 star rating Selected weblinks to free, high quality, full text resources relevant to this specialty: clinical textbooks, news, and journal articles. Sponsored by Merck and Company.
  • American Heart Association
    4 star rating A consumer and professional organization that develops programs to prevent disability and death from cardiovascular diseases. The website includes professional news, publications, meeting updates, CME events, guidelines, and a consumer-oriented "Heart and Stroke A to Z Guide".
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
    4 star rating Includes information about the Society, news, guidelines, policy/position statements, CME calendar, accreditation/certification information, training & job opportunities, classifieds, infomation for patients, links to related web sites. Searchable.
    4 star rating REG A comprehensive source of commentary, practical knowledge, and education resources for cardiologists. Offers literature reviews, technology updates, images, CME, meetings, case studies, Ask the Experts section, etc. Will be launched Winter 2002. Vertibrae, Inc. Free registration.
  • Cardiosource
    4 star rating REG Combines full text articles from selected cardiovascular journals, practice guidelines, clinical trials updates, meetings, cardiovascular and medical news, jobs, and live events to educate cardiology specialists. Restricted registration or content areas. American College of Cardiology and Elsevier Science .
  • European Society of Cardiology
    4 star rating Presents information about the Society, guidelines & scientific statements, news, educational activities and meetings, fellowships, publications, scientific & clinical resources, job opportunities, public information.
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
    4 star rating Presents general information about stroke and heart disease, reports of research, news releases, statistics & facts, emergency cardiac care, healthy tips and related articles for patients, recipes, health promotion tools, and related links. Searchable. In English and French.
  • International Society for Heart Research
    4 star rating Presents information about the Society, news and views, research topics, meetings calendar, meeting abstracts, lectures and webcasts, publications, employment service, interesting links.
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
    4 star rating NHLBI, an institute of the US National Institutes of Health, which supports research, observational studies, and education projects on diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lung, and blood. The NHLBI website presents news, press releases, clinical guidelines, meetings announcements, clinical trials information, and health information.
  • American Society of Echocardiography
    3 star rating Presents information for physicians and echocardiography specialists, including CME courses, research grants, clinical guidelines, member directory, forums, case studies, classifieds, and society happenings. American Society of Echocardiography.
  • American Society of Hypertension
    3 star rating ASH's website presents information about the Society, news, meetings, publications, a list of cardiologists specialized in hypertension, and hypertension information.
  • Heart Rhythm Society
    3 star rating A professional society dedicated to the study of heart rhythm and the management of cardiac arrhythmias. This website offers news, position statements, meeting highlights, professional information, products and courses, and basic facts for patients.
  • The Society of Geriatric Cardiology
    3 star rating The Society conducts educational programs for physicians and other health care professionals. Topics include cardiovascular drugs, coronary artery disease, pacemakers, antiarrhythmic therapy, and valvular heart disease; all as they relate to the elderly. Free online slide set titles include "Epidemiology", "Effects of Aging", "Acute Coronary Syndromes", etc.
  • The WHO MONICA project
    3 star rating The purpose of the project is to monitor trends in cardiovascular disease. The site includes a brief description of the project, participating centers, list of publications, and reports of research.
    2 star rating REG An online resource of technical knowledge for cardiology professionals. Presents new diagnostic products, case studies, training courses, forums, quizzes, IT solutions. Restricted registration or content areas. General Electric Company.
  • Cardiology Associations at Medbioworld
    2 star rating A comprehensive directory of weblinks for associations in this specialty.
  • Cardiovascular Education at CVRI
    2 star rating Presents cardiac images, reports of clinical studies and trials, cardiac test instructions, education articles, career opportunities. Cardiovascular Research Institute of Southern California.
  • Cleveland Clinic Heart Center
    2 star rating Provides information for patients and professionals, FAQs and fact sheets related to heart diseases, heart rhythm and heart failure, prevention and diagnostic tests, grand rounds, heart forum, Medical Cyber Sessions. Searchable. Cleveland Clinic Heart Center. .
  • North American Society for Cardiac Imaging
    2 star rating NASCI's website includes information about the Society, news, future and past meetings, workshops and symposia, and links to related web sites.
  • The American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
    2 star rating Internet Services include information about the Academy, member services, news, meetings, lectures and education, reports, special articles, proceedings of the AACP, standard of practice, history of perfusion, announcements.
  • The European Atherosclerosis Society
    2 star rating Includes information about the Society and its activities, scientific meetings, news, and links to related Web sites.
  • World Heart Federation
    2 star rating Presents information about the Federation, news and press releases, publications, guidelines, education & training, meetings, links to related web sites.
  • Cardiology Home Page from Dr. Wan
    1 star rating Presents topics of interest for patients, image and drug library, CME corner and links. Dr. Michael Wan, Hong-Kong.
  • CardioNet
    1 star rating REG A web project, sponsored by a physician in Croatia, that offers European-oriented journal articles, medical news, symposium reports, and equipment links. Free registration. Dzenana E. Rezakovic, MD, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Cholesterol, Genetics, and Heart Disease Institute
    1 star rating Presents news, reports of research and clinical trials, description of laboratory tests, publications and presentations, case studies, training information. Dr.H. Robert Superko, San Mateo, California.
  • International Union of Angiology
    1 star rating Presents information about the Union and its members, working groups and studies, news, congresses. English and French versions. IUA, Toulouse, France.


Cardiac Auscultation    Echocardiography    Electrocardiography    Examination Skills    Invasive Cardiology    Stress Testing
  • Dynamic Cardiac Rhythm Simulator at SkillStat
    5 star rating The Cardiac Rhythm Simulator generates 25 of the most common cardiac rhythms (lead II) for you to explore, review and play. Simply click on any rhythm name and the rhythm is displayed. Click on 'Freeze' to stop the rhythm and display a grid. Clicking the 'Start' button resumes the rhythm once again. Choose 'Game' to challenge your skills. Choose 'Settings' to change default settings for ECG color, dynamic and static rhythm display. SkillStat Learning Inc.

Cardiac Auscultation

  • Heart Sounds Interactive Tutorial at Blaufuss
    5 star rating An outstanding, interactive tutorial on heart sounds. Users virtually place a stethoscope over the chest, listen to the heart at several listening locations, see videos of pulsations in the neck, precordium, or extremities. The findings are explained with text,phonocardiograms, hemodynamic data, and computer animations.
  • Cardiac Auscultation of Heart murmurs
    5 star rating Users click on any of the site's links to listen to the sound clip of murmurs and heart sounds.
  • The Auscultation Assistant
    5 star rating A review of the interpretation of normal and abnormal heart sounds, heart murmurs, and breath sounds. The program helps medical students improve their physical diagnosis skills.
  • HeartLab-Cardiac Auscultation Simulator
    4 star rating A library of heart sounds on a simulated chest wall, a review of maneuvers which accentuate sounds, and a graphic representation of the sounds. Includes normal heart sounds, murmurs, gallops, etc. and Medical Learning Company.
  • Normal and Abnormal Heart Sounds at Bioscience
    4 star rating Normal and abnormal heart sound files from Frontiers in Bioscience.


  • Cardiovascular Ultrasound
    5 star rating An open access, online journal publishes papers on all aspects of biological, technological, experimental, diagnostic and therapeutic elements of ultrasound in cardiovascular physiology and disease. Cardiovascular Ultrasound is published by BioMed Central.
  • E-chocardiography Journal
    5 star rating Provides a large collection of links to web resources dedicated to echocardiography. Includes full text articles, book chapters, images, and videos. Daniel Shindler M.D., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
  • Echo in Context
    5 star rating Highly graphic worldwide teleconferences on high tech echocardiography: "Heart Failure: Echo's Role", "Digital Integration", "Learning the Basics". Includes video archives. Duke University Medical Center.
  • GASNet Transesophageal Echocardiography Tutorial
    5 star rating Contains the contents of five handbooks that present the steps of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) examinations. Diagrams and photographs illustrate basic techniques. Dr. Terence Rafferty, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology. Uses Real Video G2 technology to deliver high-quality echocardiogram videos.
  • American Society of Echocardiography
    4 star rating An organization of professionals committed to excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound and its application to patient care through education, advocacy, research, innovation and service to our members and the public.
  • Echocardiograms at McGill
    4 star rating Offers clinical history, laboratory data, and echos of selected cases. McGill University Health Center.
  • Handbook of Contrast Echocardiography
    4 star rating A free handbook on contrast agents to enhance cardiac echo applications including the interpretation of left ventricular function and myocardial perfusion. Harald Becher and Peter N. Burns ; with a foreword by Sanjiv Kaul, 2000.
  • Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
    3 star rating REG Publishes original articles, case reports, short communications, special reports, news, and meeting abstracts. Free access to TOCs, and abstracts, 1996-present. Free subscription to eTOCs. Access to full text restricted to subscribers. Allows keyword searching and browsing. Fee registration for full text. Free abstracts. Mosby.
  • Notes on Echocardiography
    1 star rating Covers the principles of ultrasonography, types of echocardiography, and use in the diagnosis of acquired and congenital heart diseases. Includes animal case studies and links to related web sites. Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.


  • EKG World Encyclopedia at McGill University
    5 star rating Presents EKG tracings with relevant clinical data and comments from MDs in the field. Dr. Michael Rosengarten, McGill University.
  • MicroEKG Manual from Mad Scientist Software
    5 star rating Outline text on ECGs: leads, axis deviation, bundle branch block, ST and T abnormalities, infarction, etc. This is an abreviated version of a medical manual that accompanies a well-illustrated computer program produced in 1996 by Mad Scientist Software.
  • ECG Image Index at University of Utah
    4 star rating Hundreds of electrocardiograms with interpretations and and explanations of diagnosis. The ECGs "range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from simplicity to complexity, and from boring to fascinating". The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center, University of Utah.
  • EKG of the Week at NCEMI
    4 star rating Brief clinical history and EKG tracings. The National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics.
  • EKG Reading
    4 star rating A website that presents EKG unknowns followed by clinical and diagnostic explanations from expert cardiologist EKG readers. T.A. Buckingham, MD. .
  • The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center
    4 star rating An interactive ECG tutorial that offers an introduction to clinical electrocardiography including terminology, diagnostic criteria, interpretation, and pathophysiology correlations. ECG didactic points are linked to illustrations and interactive quizzes. University of Utah School of Medicine.
  • ECG Library
    3 star rating A large collection of ECG recordings that demonstrate the normal electrocardiogram and common ECG pathologies, and assist the user in developing ECG interpretation skills. Dean Jenkins and Stephen Gerred, authors of the book 'ECGs by Example' published in 1997.
  • ECG Wave-Maven
    3 star rating An online program from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center that instructs clinicians in reading electrocardiograms. It includes over 150 cases, some with multimedia displays.
  • ECG Rounds
    2 star rating An archive of challenging ECG's with diagnosis and analysis. Edited by Sol Nevins, M.D., Morristown Memorial Hospital, NJ.
  • Ventricular Electrocardiography Textbook
    2 star rating REG Includes basics of ventricular electrocardiography, description of normal and abnormal electrocardiograms, myocardial ischemia, pericardial disease, etc. By J. Willis Hurst, MD. Free registration.

Examination Skills

Invasive Cardiology

  • Angioplasty.Org - Angioplasty PTCA Home Page
    5 star rating Resources for medical professionals on percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and interventional cardiology. Includes news, interviews, visual clips, and meetings announcements.
  • The Journal of Invasive Cardiology
    5 star rating The journal publishes original research articles on clinical trials of therapeutic devices, drugs used in the catheterization laboratory and in post-PCI therapy, comparison of treatment modalities and long-term evaluation of therapy, case reports on current innovations in clinical practice, in-depth reviews, expert commentaries and special sections exploring ongoing clinical challenges, such as acute coronary syndromes and pediatric anomalies. The Official Journal of the International Andreas Gruentzig Society.
  • Cardiac MPEG Angiography
    2 star rating Offers left ventriculogram and angiographic images of coronary artery before and after stent placement. Cardiovascular Research Institute of Southern California.

Stress Testing

  • ACC/AHA Guidelines for Exercise Testing
    4 star rating A Report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines (Committee on Exercise Testing), 1997. Includes full text, tables and references.

Practice Guidelines / FAQs


Images, Path./Clinical

Images, X-Ray

  • Atlas of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT
    4 star rating Tutorials, slide show, teaching cases, annotated images, stress test data, comments, a glossary of abbreviations, and related links. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School.
  • Cardiac MR Clinical Cases at Beth Israel
    4 star rating MR images and cases that demonstrate clinical applications of MR imaging of the cardiovascular system: MR coronary angiography, assessment of ventricular function, and evaluation of valvular heart disease. Center Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • Cases in Cardiothoracic Imaging at Yale
    4 star rating Labeled radiographic presentations of common pathologies. Yale University School of Medicine.
  • Fetal Echocardiography Homepage
    3 star rating Library of images, discussion forum, fetal calculator. The goal of the project is to develop computer tools to support the process of detection of congenital heart abnormalities. University of Pennsylvania.


  • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions
    5 star rating Online summaries of the conference's basic, clinical and population science presentations. Physicians can achieve accredited CME units.
  • CardioVillage
    5 star rating REG Offers multimedia courses on all aspects of cardiology, including nuclear cardiology and echocardiography, meetings, expert opinions, an exhibit hall. Free registration. University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • CMEList Online CME Sites - Cardiology
    5 star rating A searchable, well-annotated, and constantly-updated directory of web links to online CME opportunities. The directory entries include credit hours, sponsors, cost, lecture format, target audience, and accrediting organization. Bernard Sklar, MD, MS.
  • Medscape Cardiology CME Center
    5 star rating REG A selection of free, continuously updated continuing education activities for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. Offers conference summaries and treatment updates, and printable CME certificates online. Free registration. Medscape.
  • Baylor Online CME Courses
    4 star rating Presents collection of lectures on various topics, such as managing dyslipidemia, lipids and atherosclerosis, cardiorenal dysfunction, and more. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.
  • Cardio Country Club at Cyberounds
    4 star rating REG Case presentations and follow-up quizzes for CME credits. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Free registration. No fees apply. Free registration.
  • Cardiology Congress Resource Centre at Doctors Guide
    4 star rating An extensive directory of upcoming meetings and conferences that offer CME opportunities. Includes information about cities in which conferences are held. Doctor's Guide to Medical Conferences & Meetings.
  • ACC Online Continuing Education
    1 star rating A catalog of nationwide lectures, interviews, edited transcripts of lectures, meeting highlights, slides and images for various continuing education programs offered by the American College of Cardiology.


  • ECHO-WEB: A Resource for Echocardiographers
    1 star rating Presents online interactive courses and case studies with a question and answer quiz format for receiving CE credit. Site also hosts career opportunities, technical news, chat, FAQs, seminar schedule, and registry reviews. Atlantic Interactive.

Patient Education

  • American Heart Association Risk Awareness
    4 star rating Includes information about heart disease, risk factors and warning signs, CPR and emergency care, heart surgery and other treatments, statistics and links to related resources.
  • Encyclopedia of Common Heart Disorders at Yale
    4 star rating A patient-directed concise overview of common cardiovascular disorders and symptoms. Yale University School of Medicine.
  • European Society of Cardiology Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    4 star rating Contains a hypertext report on prevention of cardiovascular disease, risk charts, and a collection of links to related international guidelines and other Web resources. European Society of Cardiology.
  • Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide at the AHA
    4 star rating A compendium of patient education documents, consumer publications, and disease reviews presented by the American Heart Association.
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Fact Sheets at Medem
    4 star rating Fact sheets for patients from medical societies, institutes, and other esteemed organizations. Medem, Inc.
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Health Information
    4 star rating NHLBI presents a large collection of facts sheets for patients and selected information for health care professionals on heart, lung, and blood diseases. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIH.
  • Texas Heart Institute Heart Information Service
    4 star rating A large collection of consumer oriented topic reviews regarding common heart diseases, diagnostic tests and procedures, medicines for cardiovascular disease, a glossary of cardiovascular terms, and a collection of interactive images presenting anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system. Texas Heart Institute, Houston.
  • Body Composition Test
    3 star rating Explains Body Mass Index, risk levels, includes a table to calculate risk based on height/weight ratio.
  • Facts from The Coronary Prevention Group
    3 star rating Collection of fact sheets with cartoons presenting basic facts about heart and heart disease prevention, such as diet, smoking, stress, cholesterol, exercise, etc. HeathNet, UK.
  • Healthfinder-Heart Diseases
    3 star rating Collection of links to web resources including information for patients. Includes section for kids, and a Spanish version. Searchable. National Institutes of Health.
  • HealthPro-Coronary Prevention Group
    3 star rating Collection of fact sheets including basic information about coronary heart disease, prevention and risks, nutrition in pregnancy and early childhood. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.
  • Heart Disease/Cardiology at
    3 star rating An index of resources on heart diseases, directed at informed consumers, that includes news and short notes, recent articles, ands discussions. Topics cover tests for heart disease, birth defects, coronary disease, heart valve diseases, heart failure, high BP, heart transplantation, CPR, rhythm disturbances, pacemakers, and more. Searchable.
  • Heart Information Network
    3 star rating A web project that offers patient-oriented heart news, topic reviews, feature articles, nutrition guidance, and risk assessment tools. Searchable. .
  • HeartCenter Online
    3 star rating Presents consumer oriented short notes related to heart conditions and diseases, procedures & tests, news, heart disease risks, calculators, reviews of medications, heart anatomy, illustrations, animations, heart tools and quizzes, and a Find a Cardiologist section. Searchable.
  • Johns Hopkins Heart Health
    3 star rating A collection of articles and briefs cover exercise, nutrition, stress, smoking, behavior modification, information and tips about the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.
  • Mayo Heart & Blood Vessels Center
    3 star rating Presents up-to-date information on the circulatory system, including diseases and conditions, prevention, treatment and diagnostic tests, news and features, healthy lifestyle planners, related links. Searchable. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.
  • Texas Heart Institute Cardiovascular Topic List
    3 star rating Educational information related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common heart problems: heart attack, pericarditis, arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, etc..
  • The Heart Preview Gallery
    3 star rating An educational site that offers a multimedia guide to heart development, anatomy, structure, and heart's health. The Franklin Institute Online .
  • The Mended Hearts
    3 star rating Offers help, support, and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families. Presents information about the network and its activities, membership information, conventions, and fact sheets on healthy hearts and selected aspects of heart disease.
  • CardiologyChannel
    2 star rating Cardiology-related consumer health care information with reviews of heart diseases, diagnostic tests, news, a chat room, MD and hospital locators, and annotated links to related web sites.
  • Healthy Hearts
    2 star rating Guide to information on risk factors, weight loss, cholesterol, exercise, diet, smoking, high blood pressure, alcohol, stress, with links to related web sites. Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group.
  • Heart Disease Online Homepage
    2 star rating Basic information about the normal and diseased heart; includes congenital and valvular defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart tests, minimally invasive surgery, and more. Presents also heart news updates, chat room, and a bulletin board. Dr. S. Sivasubramanian.
  • HeartPoint
    2 star rating Presents news with comments, health tips, and a large multimedia-based collection of presentations about the heart in health and in disease, cholesterol and diet, and common heart disorders.
  • High Blood Pressure Center
    2 star rating Presents news and features, short articles related to prevention and managing high blood pressure, Answers from Mayo Specialists. Searchable. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.
  • Pediatric Cardiology Patient Education Materials from SIU School of Medicine
    2 star rating Includes illustrated teaching files of the most common heart conditions such as atrial septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, tetralogy of Fallot, truncus arteriosus, and links to prescription drug information. Department of Pediatrics, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
  • The Heart: An Online Exploration
    2 star rating Presents information on heart development and structure, blood circulation and vessels, healthy heart and how to monitor heart's health. Includes resource materials and a brief glossary. The Franklin Institute Science Museum & Unisys Corporation.
  • Congenital Heart Information Network
    1 star rating This website, for a national patient and family-oriented organization, offers illustrated articles, support information, and chat rooms.
  • Healthy Directions-Cardiovascular
    1 star rating Presents health education information on selected cardiovascular diseases and conditions, and heart disease prevention. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.
  • Heart Care at Advocate Health Care
    1 star rating Presents basic information about heart, common heart problems, risk factors, explains diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients and families. Includes a glossary. Searchable. Advocate Health Care.
  • Iowa CHAMPS: Outpatient Program
    1 star rating Text notes on heart and heart diseases, healthy diet, stress management, exercise, smoking, etc. Cardiovascular Health, Assessment, Management, and Prevention Services, The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
  • The Heart Surgery Forum Cardiovascular Diseases
    1 star rating Provides information and explanations of common cardiovascular diseases specifically for the non-medical audience. Forum Multimedia Publishing, LLC.


Educational Materials

  • Cardiology Grand Rounds Videos at Texas at Houston
    5 star rating Video streams of Cardiology Grand Rounds at the Department of Cardiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
  • ACLS 2000 Unofficial Guide
    4 star rating A physician's personal notes, case studies and reviews regarding the latest in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, cardiac resuscitation, and emergency cardiology. Paul C Lee MD FRCPC, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.
  • American Society of Hypertension Meeting Highlights
    4 star rating Summary and full text of selected symposia held in conjunction with the ASH Annual Meeting. American Society of Hypertension and Medical Association Communications.
  • Cardiac Risk Calculator
    4 star rating A risk assessment tool for estimating 10-year risk of developing myocardial infarction and coronary death.
  • Cardiac Risk Online Calculator
    4 star rating Interactive, fill-in programs that advise users about their risk of cardiac disease. These calculators were introduced in 2003 by the International Task Force for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease.
  • Cardiovascular Physiology Topics
    4 star rating Topic reviews of electrophysiology, electrocardiograms, hemodynamics, etc. Richard E. Klabunde, Ph.D.
  • CardioView Cardiology Teaching Files
    4 star rating ECGs, coronary angiograms, clinical studies, and revascularization procedures that allow medical professionals to sharpen their diagnostic skills.
  • Virtual Stethoscope
    4 star rating A tutorial on the chest physical exam with an emphasis on auscultation. A "virtual stethoscope interface" permits the user to auscultate normal and abnormal cardiac and respiratory sounds. McGill University.
  • Cardiovascular Information at NHLBI
    3 star rating Reports, news, education programs, recommendations, statements and guidelines, practical guides and references for health care professionals. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
  • Pediatric Cardiology Teaching Resources at Kansas
    3 star rating Teaching resources, for health sciences faculty and students, focused on congenital heart defects. Includes diagrams, radiographs, echocardiograms, and ECGs. University of Kansas Medical Center, Children's Center.
  • The Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center in Cyberspace
    3 star rating Presents images, an extensive ECG outline, and self-assessment tests. Searchable. Authored by Frank G. Yanowitz, M.D. University of Utah School of Medicine.
  • Angioplasty PTCA Home Page
    2 star rating Presents news, video library, meetings, discussion forum, patient guide to interventional devices and procedures, related links. Includes historical development of interventional cardiology with links to biographical information of the IC pioneers. Searchable. John Abele, Founder.
  • Cardiovascular Examination-Basic Clinical Skills
    2 star rating Covers evaluation of rate and rhythm, amplitude, blood pressure, precordial movement, and auscultation. Richard Rathe, MD, University of Florida.
  • Coronary Disease Probability
    2 star rating Clinical calculator that allows to calculate risk factors and probability of coronary disease. Includes other calculators and medical e-tools. National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics.
  • Lipids Online
    2 star rating Resources for researchers and clinicians on atherosclerosis and lipid disorders. Includes slide and abstract library, commentaries on research, and virtual meeting forum. Baylor College of Medicine. .
  • PediHeart
    2 star rating REG Multimedia presentation on the anatomy of the heart, segmental analysis, and surgical treatment of congenital heart defects. Membership required. Restricted registration or content areas. Subscription fee.
  • The Internists' Corner
    2 star rating Presents practical tips and basic procedures in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group.
  • Hospital Physician Cardiology Board Review Manuals
    1 star rating Up-to-date manuals, developed by leading clinical educators, that assist physicians studying for Board certification or recertification examinations. PDF format. Fee transactions. Turner White Communications, Inc.
  • Cardiovascular Device Update
    1 star rating Search access to articles covering current developments in cardiovascular devices . Presented online by the full text article search service
  • Computers in Cardiology
    1 star rating Conferences geared towards scientists and professionals from the fields of medicine, physics, engineering and computer science. Scientific presentations focus on computer applications in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular research. Computers in Cardiology, Inc.
  • Detection, Evaluation and Treatment for Primary Prevention of CHD
    1 star rating A flowchart and interactive questionnaire that allow the user to calculate cardiac risk based on inputted values of cholesterol, etc. Decision Systems Group, Harvard Medical School .


  • Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeons Jobs at HS Forum
    2 star rating An up-to-date list of employment opportunities and positions offered and wanted in cardiac surgery. Maintained by the Heart Surgery Forum and the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery.
  • Cardiology Shop
    2 star rating The online resource for professional equipment and supplies. Offers cardiology equipment and supplies from brand-name manufacturers. Over 1,000 products from stethoscopes to EKG machines, pulse oximeters, Holter supplies, and defibrillators. Searchable.
  • Thought Technology Ltd.
    2 star rating The company offers diagnostic and therapeutic instruments, such as EKG, EEG, EMG, RSA monitoring euipment. Presents decriptions of their products, lists of workshops, meetings and exhibits, full text articles related to advances in biotechnology, biotechnology news.


  • Interventional and Vascular Medicine Forum
    3 star rating REG A physician resource with interactive educational materials on circulatory diseases: endovascular cases and reseach updates. Registration is restricted to physicians. Free registration. Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Health System of South Florida.
  • ProCOR
    2 star rating An international forum where health care providers, researchers, public health workers, and the public, may share and contribute timely information on the emerging epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in the developing world. To subscribe, Lown Cardiovascular Center. SATELLIFE.
  • PCNurse Listserv
    1 star rating Discussion forum for nursing professionals who work with children and adults with congenital heart disease. Subscription Address: Subscription Message: subscribe pcnurse.

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