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Neil B. Mehta, MDNeil Mehta, MDDepartment of General Internal Medicine -
and Division of Education -
Cleveland Clinic Foundation;
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine of the Pennsylvania State University;
Associate Editor, Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine -
Bernard M. Sklar, MD, MSBernard M. Sklar, MD, MSConsultant in Online Continuing Medical Education
Berkeley, CA


  • CMEList Online CME Sites
    5 star rating A searchable, well-annotated, and constantly-updated directory of web links to online CME opportunities. The directory entries include credit hours, sponsors, cost, lecture format, target audience, and accrediting organization. Bernard Sklar, MD, MS.


  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation CME Modules
    5 star rating Users review primary care journal articles and cases and answer follow-up questions. The format is case-based and interactive. There are no fees and no registration is required. A CME certificate is generated online and can be printed out on completion of CME activity. Cleveland Clinic.
  • Clinical Guidelines CME at Michigan
    5 star rating Free continuing education opportunities that incorporate text, slides, and audio lectures to review the "preferred" management of common medical conditions. Presented online by the University of Michigan School of Medicine.
  • Pri-Med Online CME
    5 star rating Diverse and numerous free online CME opportunities on topics primary care clinicians value most. Includes interactive case studies, clinical reviews, expert perspectives, and slide lecture series.
  • CE Medicus
    5 star rating A directory of free, sponsored continuing medical education activities in various formats- monographs, animations, streaming media, interactive case-based questions and answers, articles reviews, etc. The modules are from various accrediting universities, publishers, sponsors, and authors. Content providers include HealthAnswers,, and CE Medicus tracks CME activities online and permits immediate printout of CME participation. Merck and Co, Inc.
  • CMEList Online CME Sites
    5 star rating A well-annotated and constantly-updated directory of web links to online CME opportunities. The directory entries include credit hours, sponsors, cost, lecture format, target audience, and accrediting organization. Bernard Sklar, MD, MS.
  • Disease Management Project Clinical Decisions Cases at the Cleveland Clinic
    5 star rating A free, interactive CME series which applies national practice guidelines and key research findings to clinical practice. Key points from current medical literature are summarized. The series includes didactic information as well as interactive case-based lessons to aid in patient management. These CME educational activities are intended for primary care physicians including family practitioners and internists.
  • CME Online
    5 star rating Multiple specialty coursework with CME units awared by Thomson American Health Consultants.
  • Medscape's Online Articles for CME
    5 star rating REG Continuously-updated, free, multispecialty clinical articles with post-tests for CME credits. Certificates can be printed out online. Medscape provides a "CME tracker" which records earned units for future reference. Free registration.
  • Online CME at Baylor College of Medicine
    5 star rating REG Free, slide show lectures that incorporate video, audio, text and slides to cover topics in cardiovascular medicine and other specialities. Courses offer from 1.0 to 2.75 credit hours. No fees apply. Users submit online post-tests and receive immediate grading and certificates. Free registration.
  • Online CME Courses at Alabama
    5 star rating Online coursework for CME credits. Users submit self-assessment tests found at the end of the course and receive an online certificate immediately. Each activity takes approximately one hour to complete. The resources are provided by the University of Alabama School of Medicine with funding provided by unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceutical companies. A typical fee is $15 per credit. Fee transactions.
  • PeerView Press Online CME
    5 star rating Free video slideshow coursework on psychiatry, oncology, HIV/AIDS, cardiology, obesity, and diabetes. Sponsored by University of Florida School of Medicine.
  • Penn CME
    5 star rating Educational materials that award free CME credit. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
  • ACP-ASIM Clinical Problem Solving Cases
    5 star rating REG Interactive, clinically-based patient care scenarios that address patient assessment, differential diagnosis, treatments, treatment outcomes, and appropriate follow-up. More than 48 interactive cases are presented in the various subspecialties of internal medicine. Fee registration. American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine .
  • American Academy of Family Physicians CME
    5 star rating Interactive disease review CME articles, monographs, scientific assembly lecture transcripts, multimedia modules, interactive clinical quizzes, and online streaming videos. Users submit post-tests and receive online CME credit. Most CME units are free for AAFP members. Nonmembers are charged a small fee, ex., 0.5 hours for $7. Fee transactions.
  • Anesoft Simulation CME
    5 star rating Online interactive simulations of medical decision making for ACLS, critical care, ICU care, ER emergencies, anesthesia Simulator, hemodynamics, cardiovascular physiology, invasive monitoring, vasoactive infusions, bioterrorism, and sedation.
  • Boston University Continuing Medical Education
    5 star rating Offers a selection of online courses in a number of specialty areas, developed by Boston University School of Medicine Faculty. $8.00 for 1 hour of Category 1 CME Credit.
  • CMEWeb
    5 star rating REG CME opportunities that consist of abstracts from specialty-oriented journals followed by advisory board comments and references to related literature. "As low as $5 per credit hour". Free registration. American Health Consultants.
  • eMedicine Online Textbooks CME
    5 star rating A compendium of constantly-updated and carefully-edited online clinical care multimedia articles. The articles are grouped into textbooks for emergency medicine, neurology, opthalmology, dermatology, surgery, etc. This web project presents disease synopses with clinical and physical findings, etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, differential diagnosis, and treatment options. Emedicine offer post-tests for CME credit; a typical fee is $7.50 per credit hour. Emedicine, Inc.
  • Grand Rounds Online at Shands Health Care
    5 star rating Text and video modules that provide in-depth coverage of clinical topics. Users complete post tests to achieve accredited CME units. University of Florida.
  • Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Online
    5 star rating CME opportunities that are multimedia-enriched, comprehensive, and interactive: "Clinical Challenges in Electrocardiography", "Endocrine Emergencies", etc.
  • Medical Programs, Inc. CME
    5 star rating Free audio enhanced slideshows lecture.
  • North American Center for Continuing Medical Education (NACCME)
    5 star rating Free slide-audio lectures and archived webcasts on arthritis, cardiology, dermatology, diabetes, oncology, podiatry, urology, vascular disease and wound care topics.
  • Princeton Media Associates CME Forum
    5 star rating Free educational materials in various disciplines with a focus on seizure disorder management.
  • AMA Archives CME
    4 star rating REG Readers obtain credits by reading specialty-oriented journal articles and completing follow-up assessment and evaluation forms. Fee registration. American Medical Association.
  • CME Online
    4 star rating Slideshow lectures on various topics from interactive CD-ROMs with audio, text and interactive multimedia. Users are assessed a $10.00 processing fee per credit hour.
  • CMEOnly
    4 star rating Online continuing education audio and text modules in 25-plus medical specialties. Alliances with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the American College of Physicians. Oakstone Publishing.
  • CME
    4 star rating REG Interactive CME opportunities targeted to office-based physicians from this acclaimed journal. Cliggott Publishing Co. Free registration.
  • Cyberounds CME from Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    4 star rating REG Moderated reviews and case discussions annotated with images, graphics, sound, and video. CME topics include "The Genetics of Breast Cancer" and "Sickle Cell Anemia." 50 hours Category 1 CME for $125.00. Physician and lay consumers sections available. Restricted registration or content areas. Fee transactions. University of Texas/Houston and interMDnet Corporation.
  • eMedicine CME
    4 star rating Original content articles, with nearly 10,000 authors and editors, that cover the spectrum of medical diseases and disorders. $7.50 per 1.5 hours.
  • IPRO Continuing Education Modules
    4 star rating REG Free accredited materials on various topics, follow-up tests, and CME credit. IPRO is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the State of New York. Free registration.
  • MedCases
    4 star rating Case-based learning opportunities for practicing physicians and teaching institutions in Women's Health, Pediatrics, and General Surgery. Thomas Jefferson University. Subscription fee.
  • Online CME
    4 star rating REG In-depth articles on conditions and clinical presentations that are commonly encountered in primary care. The articles are followed by post-tests that can be sent in for immediate CME certificates on-line. A typical processing fee is $9.95 per contact hour. Fee registration. Internet Services.
  • Medical Education Group CME
    4 star rating Free CME coursework on urology, cardiology, diabetes, oncology, primary care and women's health.
  • Medical Rounds CME
    4 star rating A directory of external Webcast grand rounds and conferences for CME credit.
  • CME
    4 star rating REG Multimedia presentations, webcasts, and conference reports. Fee registration.
  • Online CME
    4 star rating REG Simulated patient encounters on the management of various disorders: gastroesophageal reflux disease, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Fee registration.
  • NEJM Weekly CME Program
    4 star rating REG Companion CME exams for articles in the New England Journal of Medicine. Massachusetts Medical Society. Fee registration.
  • Pragmaton CME
    4 star rating An audio-enhanced slideshow on various medical topics.
  • Serono CME Symposia USA
    4 star rating Free PowerPoint presentations on frontier clinical issues. Serono, Inc.
  • SMA CME Home Study Courses
    4 star rating Physician continuing medical education courses on various patient care topics. A title is "Cardiovascular Diseases in Old Age." Non-member physicians send checks for $30.00 for 2 CME units. Tests are submitted online. Certificates are delivered by street mail. Southern Medical Association.
  • The Cleveland Clinic Online CME Center
    4 star rating Users participate in CME offerings from the Clinic and from a library of courses offered by HealthStream. There is a modest fee to access the CME activity, usually $25 per unit, but no additional fee for the CME certificate. The Cleveland Clinic.
  • CME
    4 star rating A family of educational websites for the medical professional.Features the "Question of the Day", complete with a peer-reviewed, referenced answer authored by faculty from Harvard Medical School and other distinguished institutions. Offers readers CME credit for reading the Question of the Day.
  • University of Louisville Online Continuing Medical Education
    4 star rating Slide-audio courses on various topics.
  • University of Washington Online CME
    4 star rating A growing collection of online CME courses.
  • University of Wisconsin Medical School CME
    4 star rating REG Offers home study, online study, conferences and physician initiated CME courses. Restricted registration or content areas. Fee transactions.
  • Video CME at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    4 star rating Lecture materials and audio and video presentations of recent medical conferences and symposia. Topics includes HIV/AIDS.
  • Virtual Grand Rounds CME at Drexel
    4 star rating Archived audio, video and synchronized slides. Users pay $25 and complete an online CME quiz. Drexel University College of Medicine.
  • Virtual Lecture Hall Health Professionals CME
    4 star rating REG Interactive coursework, quiz based programs, and evidence-based tutorials that provide CME credits. $9 per credit hour. Free registration. Medical Directions, Inc.
  • American Medical Association CME Online
    3 star rating Highly graphic CME modules that cover the management of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, asthma, and migraine. CME certificates are faxed or mailed within 3-4 weeks.
  • Audio Medica CME Audio Files
    3 star rating Audio journals featuring interviews with leading specialists about recent clinical developments. Realplayer format.
  • Cancer Control Journal Online CME from Moffitt Cancer Center
    3 star rating This journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center offers CME units for reading issues and answering the questions in the post test. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute.
  • Clinical Problem Solving Cases at ACP
    3 star rating Interactive, clinically based patient care scenarios that cover differential diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Fee transactions. American College of Physicians.
    3 star rating Offers physicians education designed specifically for the Internet as well as a large library of programs that will be sent directly to your home or office free-of-charge. CME credits free or fee-based.
  • CME Coursework at the University of South Florida College of Medicine
    3 star rating Streaming video lectures online CME coursework. A title is "End-of-Life Issues".
  • CME Online at the University of California at Davis
    3 star rating Video teleconference lectures on various medical subjects.
  • CME-WebCredits
    3 star rating Audio/visual modules on popular clinical practice topics. Health Communication Research Institute, Inc.
  • CMEcourses
    3 star rating REG Courses in various specialties of medicine. Special programs from the Cleveland Clinic. Virtual webcast of online educational event. Fee registration. Fee transactions. HealthStream.
    3 star rating Web-based CME, CPE, and CE courses. Rievent Technologies , LLC.
  • Florida Medical Association's Online CME Site
    3 star rating CME courses, for the education of Florida's physicians, that provide up to 40 hours of AMA Category 1 CME credit. Includes modules on HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence.
  • Interactive Grand Rounds
    3 star rating Created for physicians by physicians, Interactive Grand Rounds (IGR) features original, CME-certified case studies in contemporary medicine. IGR cases focus on practical issues dealing with the diagnosis and management of a variety of diseases and conditions. Medsite.
  • Medconnect Interactive Education Cases
    3 star rating REG Offers monthly essays, sights, sounds and interactive CME quizzes with immediate feedback. Designed for those interested in Emergency Care. The modules cost $95+ for 12 CME units with online credit card payment available. Fee registration.
  • NetCE CME Resource
    3 star rating REG Over 300 hours of accredited continuing education available online for nurses, physicians, psychologists, dental professionals, behavioral health professionals, and certified surgical technologists. Fee registration.
  • North American Center for Continuing Medical Education
    3 star rating Free CME coursework amd webcasts in various online and offline formats.
  • Online CME List at Doctor's Guide
    3 star rating A list of online continuing medical education opportunities that may or may not offer accredited units.
  • The Academy for Healthcare Education
    3 star rating REG Free online CME slide-audio lectures that cover cardiology, hypertension, patient compliance, and pharmaceutical therapy for atrial fibrillation. Free registration.
  • The Answer Page CME Quizzes
    3 star rating This site features "The Question of the Day", a daily question and peer reviewed and referenced answer prepared by Harvard Medical School clinical faculty. Registered users can earn Category I CME credit for using the site, with no required quizzes or paperwork.
  • The Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education
    3 star rating This journal is directly affiliated with Canada's major universities and their medical faculties. Each month its articles are drawn from a different medical school's CME program. Its audience includes general and family practitioners, as well as most clinical specialists. Its objective is to inform readers about the latest advances in diagnostic techniques and treatment modalities.
  • VioWorks Conferences and Symposia
    3 star rating REG Distributes medical conferences to the world with "narrowcasting"- online audio, video and slide presentations. Free registration.
  • ArcMesa Educators Online CME for Physicians
    2 star rating REG Text reviews of popular topics from a number of medical specialties. HTML or PDF format. 3 credits for $30.00 with completion of the post test. Free registration. Fee transactions. Arc Mesa Educators.
    2 star rating Online slide presentations that offer a wide range of continuing medical activities for healthcare professionals. A title is "Bone Metastases: A Focus on Breast Cancer". Strategic Implications International, Inc. BLP Group Companies.
  • Internet CME Project at Texas
    2 star rating Provides clinical histories and selected images from the oncology clinical case archives. Users offer diagnoses and are provided feedback that includes links to pertinent medical literature and peer-reviewed abstracts. $100 for 10 hours Category I credit. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Johns Hopkins CME
    2 star rating REG Users view illustrative slides and text and earn CME credits with completion of an online quiz. Fee registration. The Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine .
  • Optima Educational Solutions CME
    2 star rating Offers complimentary online multimedia CME/CE presentations
  • Power-Pak Physician CME Lessons
    2 star rating REG Continuing medical education coursework with online text and graphics. No fees apply. Free registration. Jobson Publishing.
  • Beam Institute CME
    1 star rating REG Provides diverse, high-quality, and contemporary online programs for the clinician in medical, surgical, and therapeutic areas. No fees apply. Free registration.
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act Online CME Course at Iowa
    1 star rating Covers course material that provides information needed for physicians to be lab directors under CLIA. Users send in quizzes by email after each module. The total program costs $400 and awards 20 credit hours.
  • CME at Wisconsin-Madison
    1 star rating Online coursework for CME units. University of Wisconsin Medical School.
  • CME
    1 star rating REG Online lectures, in the familiar ]Grand Rounds^ format , that provide relevant, timely clinical information for immediate use in your practice. These interactive multimedia, broadcast-quality clinical presentations are authored by more than 100 physician educators. Fee registration.
    1 star rating Text, graphics, and video coursework on examination techniques and common problems in Ear Nose and Throat practice. University of Kentucky College of Medicine. CME units not avalable. Outdated.
  • CME
    1 star rating Slideshows on dermatology, psychiatry, and pharmaceuticals. Medical Education Resources.
  • Doctor's Guide Webcasts
    1 star rating A directory of audio-visual webcasts offered by academic centers and private companies. Fee transactions. P\S\L Consulting Group Inc.
  • EuroTransMed Foundation for CME
    1 star rating RealAudio multimedia files and programme summaries free of charge to registered doctors.
  • George Washington University Grand Rounds CME
    1 star rating Slide and audio lectures for CME credit.
  • Informed Online Accredited Medical Education
    1 star rating CME accredited learning opportunities. Articles inlcude "Domestic Violence", "HIV/AIDS", "OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens", "Risk Management", etc. One unit for $25.00. Medical Education Group Learning Systems. Fee transactions.
  • Institute for Advanced Medical Education
    1 star rating Educational material for CME credit from IAME.
  • Massachusetts Medical Society Online
    1 star rating Downloadable educational materials for CME credit.
    1 star rating REG Interactive case learning in which virtual patients offer medical complaints and clinicians offer management decisions. CME credits are available. Fee registration. Fee transactions. Medcases Inc .
    1 star rating A set of free lectures on a variety of medical topics using multimedia Shockwave and RealAudio technology. Produced by George Washington University Medical Center and sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Meniscus Medical Online Continuing Education
    1 star rating Medicine, pharmacy, and nursing accredited CE opportunities. A title is "Adult Health". Meniscus Educational Institute.
  • Ohio State Continuing Medical Education
    1 star rating Coursework including slides and videos on a variety of primary care topics.
  • Online CME at Illinois
    1 star rating Educational course modules directed to various specialtes. University of Illinois Chicago.


  • CE City
    3 star rating REG Journal articles and multimedia presentations in pharmacy, nursing, allied health, medicine, and dentistry. Free registration. Fee transactions., Inc.

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